Monday, September 1, 2014

Human Sacrifice in Rotherham, England

We know that British attempts to appease radical Muslims have failed. Not only has the nation been attacked by home-grown Islamist terrorists but many of its Muslims have been migrating to the Middle East to join ISIS in its fight against civilization.

Last week we were forced to recognize that enlightened multicultural attitudes have fostered a “rape culture” in a small British city called Rotherham.

There British leftists created a culture where young white girls were sacrificed to the sexual depravity of Pakistani Muslim men. An idolatrous ideology has now brought back human sacrifice. And it did so with the connivance of feminists. Good feminists are so afraid of being called racists that they are covering up the depravity of Muslim men. As of now most of the stories about the “rape culture” in Rotherham come to us from conservative media outlets.

If, perchance, someone had, instead of the word multicultural, called it polycultural we would more quickly grasp the connection between this ideology and pagan polytheism.

The story broke last week in a report by social worker and Professor Alexis Jay.

Mike McNally (via Maggie’s Farm) summarized its conclusions:

The horrific details of the Rotherham “grooming” scandal were laid out in a report published by Professor Alexis Jay, a former senior social worker. Professor Jay wrote: “It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered. They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten, and intimidated.”

The report, published by Professor Jay, a former senior social worker, says staff at Rotherham Council “described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

John O’Sullivan also offered details:

Since Tuesday afternoon, however, Britain has felt real shock and horror over the report that 1,400 young women in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham had been groomed, raped, prostituted, trafficked, and brutally abused in almost every possible way by a criminal gang for the last 16 years. In addition, the authorities — which in this case are the local government authority, the police, and the child-protection services — had been repeatedly informed of these crimes but had dismissed the reports as false or exaggerated and taken no action to investigate, halt, and punish them.

Some of the examples of this depraved official indifference are barely believable. In one case, a girl was found drunk in the company of her exploiters and was arrested while the men were let free. In another, a father found his daughter, tried to rescue her, complained to the police, and was himself arrested while the authorities took no action on his complaint.

It is not as if this series of crimes was hidden or unknown. No fewer than three official investigations (prior to this one) looked into these crimes. They reported the broad truth that we now know and called for further investigations and arrests. The police and child-protection services did nothing whatever about them. Indeed, they quietly pigeonholed the findings with dismissive comments. The local councilors looked the other way or, on some occasions, intervened to discourage investigations by the police. Only the general public was innocently ignorant.

O’Sullivan continued:

The 1,400 girls were all white and of Christian background and English ethnicity while all but one of their exploiters were Muslims of Pakistani heritage. (The report describes the men delicately as “Asians,” but so far no Hindus, Sikhs, or Hong Kong Chinese are among their number.) As in other recent cases, the men targeted the girls in large part because they were white Christians, culturally speaking, and thus “worthless.” They actually told the girls that this was so. Still worse, the police also treated the girls as worthless when they bravely ignored the physical threats against them (one man poured petrol over a girl and threatened to light it) and sought police help. As a result, some of the girls came to believe they were in fact worthless, which, of course, made them more tractable to the gang. Others committed suicide. Many of the survivors will experience, perhaps for the rest of their lives, prolonged bouts of depression, self-contempt, shame, and other psychological disorders.

To O’Sullivan, the official collusion with the “rape culture” manifested leftist political ideology:

But what explains the silence, the acquiescence, even the cooperation of the authorities? Their motives seem to derive from the rich stew of progressive absurdities that constitute official attitudes in modern Britain. The first is the fear of being suspected of racism. Again and again the police and the social workers shrank from intervening or responding to complaints because to do so would invite the accusation that they were “racist.” Most people in the Muslim community were unaware of this criminal conspiracy (and, shocked and horrified like everyone else, they now condemn it). But when it was brought to the attention of  “community leaders,” they too played the race card to suppress further investigation. To uncover such scandal would be not only racist, it would commit a sin against the ideal of multiculturalism that now actuates much official policy.

One would be happy to entertain an alternative explanation. As of now, there is none.

As for the feminist response, Ian Tuttle offers his own explanation of their silence:

Feminists of the vocal, bathe-in-male-tears sort find proof of “rape culture” all about: in newspaper satire, in ’80s movies, in the verb “to force.” So one would think news that between 1997 and 2013 at least 1,400 children in Rotherham, England, were victims of sexual exploitation would confirm the feminist narrative and ignite their righteous fury.

Not so fast.

Tuttle summarizes the official response to the testimony of a girl named Emma Jackson. For now she is the face of the horror:

The U.K. Mirror, for instance, reports that “Emma,” a Rotherham-area girl, was raped once a week beginning when she was 13 years old. When she provided to police the names of 250 men she claimed had raped her, police ignored her. Hundreds, if not thousands, of girls in Rotherham and throughout England probably experienced the same.

When these acts were brought to the intention of authorities, they responded that these girls, 12 and 14 had engaged in consensual sexual relations.

Robert Stacy McCain summarized material provided in Prof. Jay’s report:

As early as 2000 (i.e., two years before Emma Jackson’s exploitation began), social workers and the CID (Criminal Investigation Department) were aware of the case of Child A, who had been “associating with a group of older Asian men” and had already had sexual intercourse with five adult men by age 12! Yet a criminal investigator argued against treating her case as criminal abuse because it was “100% consensual”? Insanity, I tell you!

The rape culture could not have continued for a dozen years without the connivance of authorities. One suspects that their ideological predilections contributed to their willingness to suppress the truth and to consign young girls to the rape culture.

If so, feminism has some explaining to do.

In Tuttle's words:

And we’re talking about not just one rape but thousands of them, committed against girls as young as eleven, over a period of many years, with the full knowledge of many social workers and other complicit authorities. When a glut of horrifying crimes against women is revealed, feminist talking heads do not have the moral seriousness required to confront it.


In Rotherham there is a real-life “rape culture.” But you will not learn anything new about it from Salon, the Daily Beast, Jezebel, or Slate. It has gone unmentioned at Feministing, Bitch Media, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. There have been no outraged op-eds from Jenny Kutner, Jessica Valenti, or Samantha Leigh Allen.

These are, apparently, not the rapes they are looking for.


Dennis said...

One of the concepts that has occurred to me is that a significant majority of people have just enough education to be dangerous to us and themselves. They can quote this or that, but really have not taken the time to take these arguments or ideas to their ultimate conclusion.
It is the reason feminism and it adherents cannot see the illogical machinations that they have to engender to convince themselves of America's sins while play little attention to the real world and its attendant realities.
The same would be with the Left and its use of PC, et al. One can see it in almost any interest group as it becomes a danger to itself, it ideology and to humanity as a whole.
If indeed Albert Einstein was correct, and I believe he was, when he stated, "Wisdom is NOT a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it." then we have a long way to go to keep from destroying every freedom, right, et al we state that we desire.
Education and schooling is only as good as its application to improve life not to control life. One has to be able to discern evil and the fortitude to be able to call it evil.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

It is preposterous that people treat statutory rape as "old-fashioned" because 18-year-old high school seniors get caught up in a dragnet of ashamed fathers going to the police. That is utterly beside the point here. This isn't a story of high school love, this is a story about the prostitution and abuse of the most vulnerable girls by full adults... out to their jollies. It's a sickening example of abuse, and a dereliction of duty by public authorities.

That's what this story story is about: 11, 12, 13 yr old girls going to authorities, who ignore or bury it. The very people who are supposed to protect these 1,400 young women. And this has been going on for a decade and no one's done anything. Sinister, disgusting depravity. And it comes out in the so called conservative media? The Guardian won't cover this? It's statutory rape, at very least, and it follows a pattern in a small area.

There's an attitude toward statutory rape as being anachronistic. It follows the trajectory of secular, nihilistic sex education programs, feminism as a chic progressive ideal, Che Guevara T-shirt wearers to liberate the masses, and the whole lot of these preposterous "girl power" ideas. What are we teaching people? We are teaching them that our modern, legalistic, valueless society has a procreative escape clause. These kinds of unfortunate things can be dealt with in a fashion that limits the long-term impact to the young woman. Don't you see? We can abort the unfortunate, permanent consequences away and act as as though nothing ever happened! Isn't that lovely? At least you won't have a baby to raise and daily remind you if the bloke(s) who raped you. It seems a lot of our lackadaisical attitudes around these subjects come back to the pill and abortion. We can prevent or "correct" these sorts of pregnancy problems. So, dear victim, it's your fault for nit contracepting, but we can remedy your inconvenience with an abortion and you'll be right as rain. It is absolutely sickening. I suppose if feminism thinks "control over our own bodies" and abortion are monumental leaps forward for women, then they can be the magic history eraser trick or the real-life undo button.

What we see here is both "blame the woman" and "you're on your own." Both are great narratives for feminist rage, yet predictable consequences of the core philosophy. The victims are left as collateral damage, or become testimonies to how cruel the patriarchal world is. It's heads I win, tails you lose. After all, progressive multicultural priorities trump all. Let's try another dimension on... brown people who are oppressed will rape young white girls to sate their rage. It's understandable, isn't it? They're full of pain because Western life is so unfair, and they take it out on the vulnerable, innocent symbol of their oppression: white-skinned young women. Wow. That's a lot of courage in this latest "fight the power" skit. It's enough to make you ill.

The oppressor-oppressed sympathy film reel is everywhere in the media. It is a sickness that infects Western society at all levels. Look intelligent: scream about everyone being a victim, ignore the most vulnerable victims who are raped, aborted and euthanized every day. The postmodern narrative of malcontent-as-hero is alive and well. And, evidently, raping a lot of young women.

Think I'm off here? Okay, let's try a thought experiment and take a look at the film negative: a bunch of ethnic English men in the Yorkshire country serially rape (sometimes gang rape) 1,400 Pakistani girls, and the public authorities do nothing. Think that will get coverage in The Guardian and other news outlets around the world? Yet the true story here doesn't get covered because it doesn't fit the postmodern narrative. Culture trumps everything, and the media has it's own culture.

Sam L. said...

This is one of the reasons why we do not trust feminists and other lefties, and generally find them despicable.could Co

Ares Olympus said...

What a bizarre perspective! Whatever respect or lack of respect I have for feminists, it seems bizarre to connect them in any way to criminal child abuse activities going on in England.

English law enforcement can and will get to the bottom of it, but until then speculations that the crimes were allowed to continue because the criminals were allegedly Muslim, seems beyond any sense to me. Were the ALL Muslim?! No, until proven otherwise the best perspective is to assume it contains political agenda that wants to paint Muslims categorically with perversion.

The lesson I learn is that bad things happen in the world, and apparently shame and who knows what else helps keeps it covered up. When things come out, some people want to jump to conclusions and some people want justice.

I have a boring idea that justice will be served by English officials without this nonsense reporting. After all the real facts are settled, then all this international agenda/speculation might have something meaningful to say about it.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Ares Olympus @September 1, 2014 at 12:06 PM:

You are a man of great faith.

Anonymous said...

ARes Olmpus...

Of course, let us not jump to conclusions. Muslims are just like everyone else, honor killings and all.

Let's let the justice system figure things out. The courts and public officials always get to the bottom of things. On rape most of all.

And thanks for the reminder that "bad things happen in the world." I'll sleep the sleep of angels knowing that I should just accept the world as it is, and things will come out in the wash. How quaint.

Why write about anything then? Why comment?

I don't understand much of anything you write, Ares... you give a lot of huffy psychobabble and references to this thing and that thing, but in the end you don't really say anything.

Your reasoning seems circular and your conclusions recommend inaction. You're outlook is a bit fatalistic and hopeless for my taste.

You point out other people's opinions as just opinions, and then give your own. It's stupid.

Anonymous said...

Also Roger Scruton

and this video

n.n said...

This tolerance is progressive with policies which denigrate individual dignity (e.g. "diversity") and devalue human life (e.g. elective abortion). These policies, and others that enforced legal and illegal immigration which exceeded the rate of assimilation, in order to create political leverage, sponsored corruption. Progressive morality has its predictable consequences.