Monday, November 28, 2022

Is China Imploding?

Is China Imploding? The news is being blared across the media. Citizens of China are in open rebellion against their government's zero-covid policies. You see, the autocracy has reached peak repression and the people are reacting. As our great theorists would expect.

Yet again, Gordon Chang seems to be right. The communist government is failing. We are winning. Good things are going to happen. We may not be able to defeat China in competition, but we can watch their autocratic system implode. 

Of course, we do not know what it all means. For all we know the people are fed up with idleness; they might just want to go back to work. We, in our infinite naivete, think that they want free elections?

Anyway, there is a difference between the climate and the weather. We are impressed to see Chang develop a reputation for being wrong all the time. Chang has been predicting the end of China for more than two decades now. Anytime anything bad happens to the Middle Kingdom he pops  up like a jack-in-the box to claim his right to having always been right.

As it happens, Chang has a nemesis, by name of David Goldman, who writes for the Asia Times. According to Goldman, in the long run the Chinese strategy, to produce large numbers of computer engineers and other tech savvy people, will prevail over the American effort to produce more social justice warriors and masters of critical race theory. Who do you think is going to outproduce whom?

As for the current semiconductor wars, and especially our wish to monopolize the manufacture of such chips, Goldman explains, for those who are more savvy than I, that we our policies are making more noise than substance. For your edification. Link here.

So, as the saying goes, don’t get too cocky. In the ongoing culture war with China, we are not doing as well as we think. And the signs are, things are not getting any more favorable.

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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Fundraising Week

You may have noticed that your humble blogger took a three day hiatus from posting. Considering that I have not missed a day in more than eight years. I hope that my absence would have been noticed.

Anyway, I missed blogging this weekend because I had some medical issues that required direct attention. That attention was provided by the staff of NYU Langone medical center. I am extremely grateful for their attentive competence and professionalism.

Anyway, the storm has passed and blogging will proceed apace. This is especially true since we arrive at what has been traditionally called fundraising week. That is, this week we humbly ask our many readers to chip in to finance the blog. This blog requires a lot of hard work and we trust that it is worth your financial support. 

Over the years I have been trying to keep readers abreast of the decline and fall of American intellectual life, and of the degradation of our school system, not to mention our political debate.

I have been writing daily posts on this blog for some fourteen years now. I trust that you find that praiseworthy. Obviously, it takes time and work to do the job, and I could not have done it without the financial support of you, the readers.


Of course, all of this requests donations to this blog. I have been trying to keep readers abreast of the decline and fall of American intellectual life, and of the degradation of our school system, not to mention our political debate.

Obviously, it takes time and work to do the job, and I could not have done it without the financial support of you, the readers.


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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thank You, Elon Musk

 A special shout-out and expression of gratitude for Elon Musk, for having shut down the wokeness at Twitter. Here is the old Twitter:

And here is a shirt today, getting ready to be discarded:

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Day Before Thanksgiving

Twas the day before Thanksgiving and things were not looking too good in Ukraine. They were not looking too good for the Ukrainians, whose infrastructure was being systematically destroyed-- thus heralding a cold, dark winter-- and they were not looking too good for the Russians, whose easy fight had become a long winter slog. 

Those who championed liberal democracy happily declared that we had prevailed. Those who preferred autocratic strong men remarked that Putin was sure to prevail. In the meantime Russia was aligning itself with Iran and China, the better to create a new non-dollar based world order.

The latter is the most important, so no one is discussing it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Daddy, Dearest

 By the time we reach the age of adult reason we have learned not to speak ill of the dead. Perhaps we have learned about filial piety; perhaps we have learned to honor our father and mother.

Apparently the lesson was lost on one woman recently. The New York Post reported on a woman who calls herself a black supremacist:

A woman has gone viral after sharing a video that seemingly shows them trashing their own father at his funeral, branding him a “racist, misogynistic, xenophobic” Donald Trump supporter.

The shocking clip — shared by self-described “black supremacist” @saginthesunforever — has clocked up more than 1.6 million views and sparked widespread backlash after it was re-posted to Twitter by the controversial conservative account @LibsOfTikTok on Tuesday.

The speaker — who has not disclosed their name, age or where they live — was unapologetic about their harsh and hateful remarks, captioning the clip: “Friendly reminder that Idgaf [I don’t give a f–k] and WILL say what needs to be said every single time.”

It’s unclear when exactly the memorial service for their father took place, but the TikToker subsequently shared an extended version of the speech, in which they painted a more complex picture of the relationship they had with their father.

“Dad, please know that I am grateful, and highly aware of what you have done for this family, [but] I still don’t miss you,” they declared. “When you died, I felt like there was a hole. I missed something, but it wasn’t you. It was the idea of what you could [have] become. I missed being able to hope and wish that one day you’d turn a corner and see the world from my perspective.”

The activist went on to tell mourners that they had hoped their dad might one day help them fight “for the things that matter.”

However, they claimed that his death had “solidified the fact that you’ll never be what you could have been, but only what you are — and what you are is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, Trump-loving, cis, straight white man.”

Consider that a sign of the times, in an epoch where civilization is unraveling, where filial piety has yielded to filial impiety. Of course a few elderly folk found the intervention inappropriate:

However, several slammed the TikToker — who uses they/them pronouns, according to their bio — for daring to speak ill of their late dad, with one saying: “She’ll regret it one day. It may take 20 years, but it’ll break her. One day.”

Another railed: “I’m black and Republican and my dad dislike Republicans, yet I would never talk bad about him at his funeral. It’s called mutual RESPECT. Shame girl”

On Twitter, others railed against TikTok, with one implying that the platform is pushing people to perform outrageous antics in order to gain attention.

For another take, see this, by Bulldog at Maggie’s Farm.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Our So-Called Democratic Politics

By now the whole world knows. President Joe Biden is cerebrally impaired. He was cerebrally impaired when he ran for office two years ago. He has not gotten any better, Foreign leaders have taken the measure of the man and of American democracy and have come away thinking less of it and of us. 

Scott Johnson describes Biden for the Powerline blog (via Maggie's Farm):


President Biden turns 80 today. We wish him a happy birthday.

I should like to think that 80 is not too old to be president, but Biden gives evidence in every public appearance that it is, at least in his case. His handlers sought to conceal his decline by keeping him in the basement during the 2020 presidential campaign. In office, his handlers have sought to conceal his decline by a variety of stratagems. Lest he get lost in a fog during public appearances, for example, his handlers provide him with cards specifying step-by-step instructions in capital letters. And yet he still gets lost in a fog during public appearances. The cards can only do so much.

The Daily Mail notes Biden’s milestone birthday here. The Daily Mail observes matter-of-factly: “President Joe Biden is about to become the first ever octogenarian US president.” There is a reason for that. Some say the rent is too damn high. I say the man is too damn old. In connection with the G20 conference in Bali last week, Arthur Herman observes infirmity in Biden’s China policy.

But then, why did so many Americans allow themselves to be duped by Joe Biden? Assuming that they were.

The simple answer is that they thought he was more presidential. The more complex answer is that Donald Trump was subjected to constant vilification, demonization and defamation-- to the point where people thought he was the Devil. 

Rather than have a deliberative debate over issues and ideas and policies, we have descended to the point where politics feels like a cosmic, even a Biblical conflict between Good and Evil. Leftists stake out the ground of charitable giving and virtue signaling.

If by any chance you were wondering why liberal democracy does not appeal to very many people around the world, this mini-analysis tells us. It tells us that we do not have a liberal democracy, but have a politics that more closely resembles Biblical conflict.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Fighting Discrimination in San Francisco

It must have been a slow day in the City by the Bay. After all, it  had largely succeeded in turning its downtown into a homeless encampment, rife with mentally ill drug addicts. So, it went out looking for a new cause. That meant, a new group of  victims-- of patriarchal capitalism-- to save.

Given that this was San Francisco, the thought arose-- why not help those who had been born in the wrong body. That is, why not help those who needed what is gingerly called gender-affirming care.  After all, the city is the epicenter of LGBTQ activity, so, what could be more appropriate? 

Considering that the transgendered were being subjected to discrimination, the city, through the mayor’s office, decided to offer them a stipend, a place to live and proper nourishment.

Of course, you consider this to be satire. You consider this to be something that arose from the fevered brain of someone writing for the Babylon Bee. Alas, such is not the case. It comes to us from Not-the-Bee, via Maggie’s Farm.

Here is the mayor’s statement:

We know that our trans communities experience much higher rates of poverty and discrimination, so this program will target support to lift individuals in this community up. We will keep building on programs like this to provide those in the greatest need with the financial resources and services to help them thrive.

But then, the clever city leaders figured out that they did not want the city inundated by people claiming to be trans. So, they capped the program:

Now, you're probably wondering how that's going to work in California, where 9.1% of people identify as LGBTQ+ (and San Francisco has the highest rate in the state), $1,200 per month for that many people would be a lot of money.

The city has that problem covered as the program is only available to the first 55 people that sign up, and participants cannot have an income over $600 per month.

Given San Francisco's cost of living, they're essentially looking for a very small number of homeless trans people to virtue signal with.

I’m sure that that makes your day.