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Wednesday Potpourri

First, let’s see. The new Miss National American Alabama is morbidly

obese. Apparently, a morbidly obese beauty queen will make those who are morbidly obese feel better about themselves. Don’t you know, the major problem a morbidly obese woman has is that people think she is fat. Does it get any more stupid?

Second, not to be outdone, the new Miss Maryland is biologically a male. As all the other contestants applauded his ascent to the throne, more sober heads pointed out that if women do not want to be competing against males in athletics, they ought certainly to draw a line at beauty pageants.

Third, the Republican House of Representatives has been staunch in its support for Israel. Democrats, not so much.

Now, the Republicans have again invited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, on July 24.

Naturally, Democrats are seriously torqued over this, as they were the last time that Netanyahu addressed Congress, in 2015. 

So, many of them are planning to boycott the event. Their former leader, one Nancy Pelosi, has already declared that it was wrong to invite him and that it made her sad.

Fourth, the son of the founder of Hamas, that would be Mosab Hasan Youssef, has a few words of warning for American Hamas supporters.

Bending to terrorists will have consequences," Yousef said. "We are sending the wrong messages. These people don't receive our statements or our action as a form of tolerance that we are trying to reach peace.They perceive it as weakness. "The more we continue sending the wrong messages, the more we complicate the situation," he added. 

Fifth, after the Israeli Defense Forces rescued four hostages from Hamas, the usual coterie of radical leftist voices criticized Israel, for not being nice enough, or whatever.

Brendan O’Neill takes up a concept that others have promoted, namely that the Palestinians never take responsibility for their own behavior.

From his Spiked article:

There is frothing anger online over Israel’s rescue operation in Nuseirat. It is bloody proof of Israeli deceit, people are saying. From the ‘war crime’ of troops wearing civilian disguise to the subsequent streetfighting and airstrikes that caused many civilian deaths, this was a wicked massacre, says the anti-Israel set. They’re in agreement with Hamas, which has accused Israel of carrying out a ‘complex war crime’ in Nuseirat. Just one thing is missing from all this boiling commentary: any acknowledgement whatsoever of Hamas’s responsibility for bringing this hellish situation about. When is Hamas going to get some credit for its evil?

The usual group came forth to attack Israel for its success:

The EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, called it ‘another massacre of civilians’. Francesca Albanese, the UN special rapporteur for the Palestinian territories, said the Nuseirat raid is proof of Israel’s ‘genocidal intent’. She accused Israel of killing ‘at least 200 Palestinians, including children’, all while ‘perfidiously hiding in an aid truck’. This was ‘humanitarian camouflage’ for genocide, she thundered.

We really are living in an era of moral inversion. Every day there is a sinister twisting of the truth to suit the ideological prejudices of those who loathe Israel. Hamas hides the hostages it seized from the Nova music festival in a densely populated civilian area, and yet it’s Israel that is accused of being ‘perfidious’. Hamas purposely puts its Jewish victims among the women and children of a crowded refugee camp, and yet it’s Israel that is accused of wearing a ‘humanitarian camouflage’. Hamas was founded with the express intention of murdering Jews, an intention it gave brute force to on 7 October with its slaughter of a thousand Israelis, and yet it’s Israel that is damned as ‘genocidal’. The racist hostage-takers are reimagined as victims, the liberators of the hostages as criminals. It is one Kafkaesque lie after another.

Sixth, writing in the Gatestone Institute site, Alan Dershowitz offers a brief history of the Palestinian movement. 

The founder of the Palestinian movement in the run-up to the Second World War was a proud Nazi and friend of Adolf Hitler. Haj Amin al-Husseini was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the religious leader of the Muslims in what is now Israel but was then called Palestine, and, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, governed under a British Mandate. It was Husseini who turned the Arab-Jewish dispute from a resolvable conflict over land to an irresolvable conflict over religion.

Husseini decided it was against Islamic sharia law to allow Jewish sovereignty over even an inch of what had previously been Ottoman territory, which he decreed was forever religious Muslim land, part of an endowment, or "waqf," to be held in trust for Allah. He opposed the creation of any Jewish state, regardless of how small, even if it was part of a two-state solution that offered a far larger percentage of the land to a state for the Palestinians.

Husseini spent the war years in Berlin as Hitler's guest, plotting to extend Hitler's genocide against Jews from Europe to the Middle East. He participated in the genocide of Jews and others in the Balkans. For this, he was designated a Nazi war criminal at the end of the war, and had to escape to Egypt to avoid being tried and hanged.

Seventh, on a more depressing note-- if such were possible-- the Canadian Cancer society has declared the word “cervix” to be verboten-- because it might offend transmaniacs who do not have a cervix.

In its place, the society is promoting the notion of-- front hole. And no one considers that to be something of an insult.

Eighth, a significant majority of Americans favors deporting illegal migrants. Surely, this discomfits the Democratic Party, intrepid defender of a borderless world.

In this, as in many other ways, Europe is leading the way. Germany’s left-of-center government is going to start deporting criminal illegal migrants. This comes to us from the Zero Hedge blog:

In response to last weekend's terrorist stabbing at a counter-Jihad meeting in Mannheim which left one officer dead - and a second stabbing of an AfD politician in the same city, (and not years of terrorist attacks, having to close public pools and double-digit increases in crime among non-Germans), Chancellor Olaf Scholz - a leftwing social democrat, announced a new 'zero tolerance' program which will deport criminal migrants or those "who venerate them."

Ninth, meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, the movement toward reconciliation with Israel grows apace. You can see it in the construction of school books, now purged of their anti-Semitic and jihadist language.

The New York Post reports:

What we found was very encouraging. Continuing a steady positive trend in Saudi textbooks over the last several years, passages that endorsed violent jihad have been removed, antisemitic language is no longer found and texts that in the past promoted male superiority over women have been removed or altered, providing much-needed gender-parity in a region where it’s been lacking. Meanwhile, Zionism is no longer portrayed as the product of European colonialism.

As Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) works towards implementing his comprehensive vision for his Kingdom’s future, the way Saudi children are being educated is instructive. It is no coincidence that these textbook changes are taking place as MBS, who has faced scrutiny, opens his Kingdom up to the world. As the Saudi desire for economic development, modernization and closer relations with the West persists, a curriculum which is increasingly tolerant and inclusive makes this prospect all the more likely.

One understands that the world stands transfixed by the actions of lunatic Palestinians. But, we would do wrong to ignore what is going on in a far more important place, Saudi Arabia. And, we should not ignore the reforms undertaken by that country’s crown prince.

It is not just Saudi Arabia:

In the United Arab Emirates, textbooks have been revised to include the Abraham Accords to emphasize tolerance, coexistence and friendly relations with non-Muslims. In Morocco, their curriculum now embraces minorities including Jews and Amazigh. Meanwhile, in Egypt, a year-by-year reform of textbooks has seen major improvements in attitudes toward Jews and Judaism. These developments remind us that a different version of the future is not only possible, but that positive steps are already being taken towards it.

Tenth, you may or may not have been following the recent elections to the European Parliament. Many observers do not take them as seriously as they do elections to local parliaments.

But still, they were clearly a wake-up call to the woke. Daniel Hannan offers this assessment in the Daily Mail:

The people of Europe are in revolt. In France, following victories by Marine Le Pen's National Rally in every region, Emmanuel Macron has dissolved the lower house of parliament and called a snap election.

In Belgium, the liberal prime minister, Alexander De Croo, has resigned.

In Germany, the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) has beaten all three parties that form the governing coalition: the Greens, the Liberals and the Social Democrats.

The political structures of the European Union have been shattered. And, as the EU attempts to deal with unprecedented numbers of illegal arrivals on its shores, the cause is obvious.

Its voters have had enough of price rises, political correctness and eco-posturing.

And, of course, the voters have had enough of the war in Ukraine.

Eleventh, on the transmania front, a new study from Germany has shown that trans-identified children outgrow their manias.

Christina Buttons reports:

GROUND-BREAKING NEW STUDY: A long-term study from Germany on insurance data reveals that the majority of youth outgrow their transgender identity, with 72.7% of 15-19-year-old females with a gender identity diagnosis desisting after five years.

Twelfth, to top it all off, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has passed a resolution condemning Israel. About Hamas they have nothing to say.

The New York Post reports:

Wisconsin Democrats overwhelmingly passed a pro-Palestinian resolution at their state party convention the same weekend four Israeli hostages were rescued in a daring Gaza raid.

And the resolution didn’t even mention the Israelis killed or taken hostage in Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror attack.

The Sunday vote revealed a dark underbelly of a party that hosted a “Unity Fair” all weekend long.

Convention delegates approved by 136-91 a resolution demanding a cease-fire in Gaza and calling the Jewish state’s response to the massacre “genocide” and “an egregious violation of humanitarian law.”

It didn’t acknowledge the Oct. 7 attack or the hostages, including Americans, Hamas still holds.

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