Friday, January 23, 2009


I know I am late to this party, but I was trying to ignore Natalie Dylan's online auction of her virginity.

As you know, Dylan (not her real name) wants to fund her graduate education in marital counseling by auctioning off her intact hymen.

You might believe that virginity has become a cultural relic. If so, Dayan has just demonstrated that it is a very valuable relic. As of today the high bid is $3,800,000.

Why is she doing it? In an article today she explains that when she was in college she took courses in women's studies. She was sufficiently naive-- perhaps because she was a virgin-- to believe what her professors told her. Link here.

You see, she is not doing it for the money. She is doing it to advance a cause and promote a culture. In a culture of true believers it is not enough to declare everlasting fealty to a cause. You have to go out and live your beliefs. And you can live them most authentically by sacrificing your life to a dumb idea.

Here the idea is that each of us can make up our own morality.

Strangely enough, Dylan's gesture might ultimately advance the cause of abstinence. Imagine her as the face of a new ad campaign: Abstinence Pays!

On the open market virginity is worth a college education, graduate school, a house in the suburbs, and a Porsche. Don't give it away for mere love.

But then again, some women might look at some of the idiot ideas that Natalie Dylan absorbed in college, decide to forgo higher education altogether, and just go out and party.

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