Monday, September 21, 2009

Positivity in a Job Interview

There was nothing very exceptional in the article entitled: "7 Ways to Wreck Your Job Interview." Link here.

The advice is unimpeachable. And it is not very new. It has even appeared on this blog.

Here is the list:
1. Arriving late.
2. Being rude.
3. Acting like you are the only person there.
4. Being unprepared.
5. Being arrogant.
6. Not asking questions.
7. Not following up.

I assume that journalistic requirements dictated the negative tone of the advice. The image of wrecking a job interview is more compelling, and more dramatic, than the picture of getting it right.

But why offer such a negative picture? Why make a list of how to get it wrong? Perhaps the authors are trying to get you to see the bad habits that wrecked your last job interviews, the better to correct them.

For all I know, this may work. Yet, I wonder if the football coach will try to improve his team's play by listing the 7 ways they can ruin their season.

What I mean is that each of these 7 points could easily have been written in the positive.

Then they would read like this:
1. Be on time... better yet, be early.
2. Be polite... to everyone you encounter during the interview process.
3. Respect others by always acting as a professional.
4. Be prepared... study up on the company, anticipate possible interview questions, and rehearse with a friend or colleague.
5. Be confident and humble ... allow the record of your achievements to speak for you.
6. Ask good questions... questions that show you wanting to be part of what is best about the company.
7. Follow up.

I finished the article asking this: which set of rules will better motivate you in your next job interview? Will you do better by worrying about the 7 ways you can wreck the interview or by striving to manifest the positive behaviors that will show you at your best?

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