Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts

Listen up, guys! It's that time of the year. Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and, if you want to use the occasion to affirm your amorous affections, then you need to know how to give the right gift.

I think that the inimitable Jag Carrao is right when she advises women to judge their lovers by what they offer for Valentine's Day. Link here.

In Carrao's coaching practice it is important for a woman to see whether a man she is dating is going to be marriage material or whether he will cut and run when he finds someone better. She follows the Rules girls in asserting that the quality of a gift can offer an important indicator of intention.

For my part I would not say that it is foolproof, but it is certainly not a sign that any woman should ignore.

You might think that it is enough to feel the feelings. Carrao says that it is not. She tells her female clients that they should expect to receive a gift that denotes romance, being flowers, chocolates, a poem, even jewelry. And she also tells them to look askance at any man who offers something utilitarian-- like a Cuisinart-- or a briefcase or a sweat suit or a book.

I bring this to the attention of my male readers because this insight will hopefully convince them to take a few extra minutes and choose something that will make their women feel warm and cuddly.

I am not counseling empathy. As I mentioned at some point in the past, you do not have to know what it feels like to receive flowers for Valentine's Day and you do not have to know what it feels like to receive hub caps. You do not even have to know why she thinks that this quasi-pagan ritual matters to her. Just be sure you know that it does.

You do have to know that one kind of gift will foster affection and the other will move you one step closer to relationship oblivion.

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