Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Not Just Wall Street That's Falling Out of Love with Obama

The list of those who are losing faith in Obama is growing apace. This week Charles Gasparino informs us that Wall Street honchos have fallen out of love with Obama. Link here. It may not be a divorce, but it does feel like a trial separation.

And clearly, Obama has alienated no small number of Jewish Americans by working overtime to humiliate the government of Israel. His clear bias, blaming Israeli intransigence for the failure of the peace process while not offering not a word of criticism for Palestinians and their terror masters, has managed to undermine Jewish confidence in Obama.

If those who are falling out of love with Obama had known that they were voting for a community organizer with close ties to ACORN, a pro-union activist with close ties to the SEIU, a man who took Rev. Jeremiah Wright for his surrogate father and spiritual mentor... perhaps they would have voted differently.

If only they had known that black liberation theology, the kind practiced by Rev. Wright was virulently anti-American and anti-semitic, that it wanted to overthrow the forces of oppression in the world, beginning with Wall Street bankers and the Israeli government... then they might have voted differently.

If only they had known the the international liberal elite that they so fervently wanted to belong to was steeped in its own liberation ideology, one that saw Israel as the symbol of everything that was wrong with the world and that wanted, above all else, to liberate the Palestinian people from Jewish oppression... then perhaps they would have voted differently.

If the Wall Street bankers and American Jews had had a full measure of Barack Obama, the man, they would not be so disappointed in Barack Obama, the president.

Of course, if they did not know that 20 years in the pews of Rev. Wright's church trumps a 20 minute conversation as a sign of character, then the fault is theirs. They ought to be profoundly disappointed in their own lack of judgment.

Either their love for the man or their love of their own ideology blinded them to the reality of Barack Obama. Now they are paying for their blindness.

Look at the opening of Gasparino's article: "Wall Street's love affair with President Obama is officially over-- at least for now...." He goes on to say that Obama wooed the titans of finance, from Lloyd Blankfein to Lawrence Fink to Jamie Dimon to John Mack with his charm and grace. One CEO declared: "he came across as nothing short of moderate."

Since when is running a business like a love story? What businessman hires people based only on his gut instinct or the flutterings of his heart?

If these distinguished CEOs were faced with a charming and bright candidate with a shady past and no track record of accomplishment would they ignore his resume because he presented himself well? Don't they know the meaning of due diligence?

Is this any way to run a bank? Or is this the way that Wall Street was functioning when it nearly destroyed the American financial system. And, by the way, who would have imagined that the men who were running Wall Street were, with very few exceptions, liberal democrats.

Of course,Gasparino's terms give it away: the great CEOs of the great Wall Street banks were seduced by the charming young man, to the point that they simply overlooked who he was.

When you have that much money and that much power, how important can it really be to count yourself among the elite liberal intelligentsia?

If Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks are under attack by the Obama administration don't feel sorry for them. Goldman bankers gave four times more money to Obama than they did to McCain. If they are now walking around with targets on their backs, we know who bought the paint.

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