Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Bigoted Majority?

Yesterday I suggested that certain segments of the liberal elite were trying to shut down debate on the Ground Zero mosque by stigmatizing and shaming its opponents as bigots.

Today William McGurn takes up the same argument in his Wall Street Journal column. He expands it to include  attacks on people who differ on other points of liberal dogma. It is well worth your attention. Link here. 

McGurn makes the important point that those who stand for liberal dogma are quick to grant a "presumption of decency" to the Muslims who want to build the mosque at Ground Zero, but are disinclined to grant the same presumption to those who disagree with them.
Meaning: anyone who would dispute the status and the authority of the liberal intellectual elites is their true enemy.


Salam Shalom Shanti said...

I hope this bruhaha serves to open up communications between all strands of Americans: Atheists, Theists, Liberals, Conservatives, Left, Right, and all those in between (which comprise the majority of us).

SSS said...

This mosque bruhaha is drummed up by the media to distract from the Gulf Oil Spill.

There is a mosque there already, very near to the proposed area. The proposed area itself is NOT "ground zero". There are other establishments and businesses in the area as well.

Since many Americans are still buying into the 9/11 Kool Aid that it went down exactly how the media (government) says it went down, then I say "9/ll - time to get over it".

There are some good links in this piece: