Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What Year Is It, Barack?

Signing the guestbook at Westminster Cathedral in London today, Pres. Barack Obama wrote: "It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage and common sacrifices. Barack Obama, May 24, 2008." 

If Sarah Palin or George W. Bush had gotten the year wrong by three years, she or he would have been excoriated for stupidity and simple-mindedness.

This time the mistake was so egregious that the Obama-friendly New York Magazine wrote: "he may have had a stroke." When that's the best spin your friends can find, you have a problem.


Deadman said...

Perhaps it is we who make the mistake of thinking this is 2011, and it is the president who, alone in the world, has got it right.

Perhaps he’s been assiduously recalculating the figures of Dionysius Exiguus between stokes on the golf course when some uncharitable calumniators were intimating that he was loafing.

Perhaps, though, the president just thinks of this year as 1432 AH

Soviet of Washington said...

Wasn't that the day the "rise of the oceans began to slow and the earth began to heal"?

Oh wait...that was June 3rd, 2008. Close enough for government work.

Dennis said...

See what happens when there is no teleprompter? Interesting that the closer to the election we get the more our former allies seem to be important, well except Israel. Oh to have a president that loves this country as much as Netananyahu loves his country.
It seems like yesterday when Obama could not find a good thing to say about any of them while he was bowing to every dictator in the world. Political expediency appears to be running amok with this president.
The only things Obama has done right are the very things Bush got excoriated about.

Dennis said...

This seems to be a very apt description of Obama. I read it this morning.
“Here lies our sovereign king,” wrote the Earl of Rochester about King Charles:
Whose word no man relies on.
Who never said a foolish thing
Or ever did a wise one.
Great quote though Obama says and does a significant number of foolish things.