Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Cure for Bullying

It's not that difficult. It's not even that complicated. It doesn't even require sensitivity training.

A thirteen year old boy in Miami was suspended from school for four days for bullying. His mother, a corrections officer made him stand outside of the school for an hour and a half on three of those days, holding a sign that read: "I was sent to school to get an education, not to be a bully. I was not raised that way."


n.n said...

It begins at home. A mother and father who accept their principal responsibility is parenting are part of the solution. They are the principal determinants of the character of the next generation and the viability of our society.

Americans need to reject dreams of instant gratification (e.g. physical, material, and ego) and learn about each other's expectations before they marry and have children. There are comprehensive issues in America, and they will not be resolved until the causes are corrected.

Good for the mother accepting responsibility for her child. She is demonstrably a better leader than those who presume to represent our nation.

amanda said...

Hooray for good parenting. Now we just need to get the educators who are bullies to carry signs, or something...

In the last couple years, since become a substitute teacher, I have discovered that there are many teachers and principals who are quite talented bullies. I think out of all the flaws in our education system this one might scare me the most.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I find what Amanda says shocking. I had thought that teachers and administrators were enablers who were looking the other way when it came to bullying.

I would like to read more about how they are bullies themselves. Surely, it makes sense; the behavior comes from somewhere. If it is practiced by those who are in positions of authority, it is not only not a bad thing, it is a desirable thing.