Monday, August 26, 2013

The Botox Backlash

Here’s some good news to brighten up your Monday morning. More and more women have had it with Botox. Let’s hope that the men who have been using Botox follow suit.

Apparently, people have noticed that Hollywood stars who have Botoxed their faces do not look very good. In fact, they do not even look like themselves. What good is Botox if it makes you look like you’re wearing a mask? Aside from the fact that it limits your ability to express emotion-- through facial expressions-- Botox also makes it look as though you are hiding something.

The Daily Mail reports on the new trend:

After years of Hollywood stars looking so uniformly stretched, puffy and arched of eyebrow that they no longer remotely resemble their former selves, the Botox backlash is gathering pace. 

Women are increasingly rejecting Botox and turning instead to anti-ageing treatments that deliver a more natural result. 

A survey in July by The Cosmetic Surgery Guide found that three out of four women in Britain who have tried Botox would welcome a non-invasive alternative to injections. 

Even Hollywood stars are going off it — Gwyneth Paltrow recently said it made her look ‘crazy’, adding: ‘I looked like Joan Rivers (the famously cosmetically adjusted American comedian).’

If 75% of those who have tried Botox would prefer another treatment, you should probably start shorting the stocks of the companies who produce it.

Of course, women have not given up on looking good. They have discovered that Botox not only does not make them look good, it makes them unrecognizable:

Women want treatments that help them achieve a fresh, radiant version of themselves rather than the frozen look associated with Botox.

In place of needles, there are lasers, peels and radio-frequency energy treatments, all of which work by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that make skin firm, plump and youthful, in turn rejuvenating the complexion.

The report quotes one Amanda, a woman who has renounced Botox. She sums it up nicely:

'As women get older, we just want to look like the best possible version of ourselves — not somebody else entirely.’


Dennis said...

It has fascinated me for quite some time that most women have a natural beauty that just needs to be highlighted with a touch of makeup, some toning there and a beautiful smile. Add to that a sunny radiant personality that enjoys life and the fact that they are women and one has most of what they require.
It has to affect one when all one thinks about is victimhood, self and holds ideas that cause negative results. One is, in many ways, how they think.

Sam L. said...

An encouraging turn...

Webutante said...

I've never considered botox....whatever it does or could do, it's never interested me.

Several years ago, I mediated a doctor-patient botox case in Teton County court (Wyoming). The woman had had botox injections for years when she had one that hit a nerve and temporarily paralyzed her right before her Christmas vacay to Mexico with her hubby. She was madder than a hornet and still wasn't over her outrage six months later. During the mediation, the doctor's rep kept saying, you signed a release knowing this kind of thing can rarely happen....Didn't matter----she wanted this doctor's scalp on a platter....

One of the few cases I've mediated that went back to the judge. Also went deep into my soul...don't bother.

Dennis said...

Just a follow up question. Wouldn't it be better to develop one's beauty on the inside first? It is amazing how that inner beauty radiates to those around you. No matter the facade people hide behind their real personality will come out.
Because i am a more mature individual I have many events that present themselves here. I was fronting a band that was playing a dance at a well known university. Of course there were a large number of young women who were very attractive and beautiful to say the least dressed in ball gowns. There was one woman there that none of the guys could take their eyes off of because she just seem to have a quality about her that radiated joy. She just seemed to enjoy being a woman. She was far from the best looking woman there, but had more beauty than all the rest. Funny how those experiences stay with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm vain, I admit it. At 63, most people think I'm much younger. I take very good care of my skin, wear makeup every day, and whiten my teeth. As far as botox, fillers and surgery go, forget it. I have rarely seen a woman who has had one or the other look better, and I wonder if they know how truly flawed they actually look. I have wrinkles, of course, but I accentuate my strong features and try to convey confidence. The latter works better than any filler around.

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