Monday, September 23, 2013

Islamic Terrorism: On the Run or On the March?

Our dear leader assured us last year that “al Qaeda is on the run.” For all I know, he still believes it.

Obama notwithstanding, Islamic terrorism is on the march. Last weekend it burst into the news with two especially violent actions.

From Nairobi, Kenya to Peshawar, Pakistan, Islamic terrorists continued their business of slaughtering infidels and murdering their fellow Muslims. And that doesn’t even count the suicide bombings in Iraq and the war in Syria.

Another president called Islam a “religion of peace.” Apparently, Muslims were so offended to see their faith called a “religion of peace” that they have set out to do everything in their power to prove Bush wrong.

Yesterday, we were assured by no less than the Prime Minister of Pakistan that true Islam rejects all forms of such violence.

If the message did not ring hollow before, it feels utterly empty now. John Hinderaker comments:

Based on bitter experience, I would say that the mass murder of random innocents is the essence of the “teachings of Islam.” We have seen such mass murder over and over, more times than we can count. Does Islam have something to offer other than crazed, sadistic violence, committed to perpetuate the crudest forms of ignorance? If so, I haven’t seen it. Whether we talk about Africa (Nairobi), Asia (Peshawar) or any place else, the fruit of Islam appears to be the same.

Meanwhile, Americans are agog over the fact that Pope Francis looks to be more liberal than his two predecessors. Hinderaker sees it as a nice way to distract ourselves from the fact that Christians are being persecuted and murdered by Muslims in Pakistan, Egypt, Syria and any Islamic countries that still have Christians.

It is almost self-evident, but there are no longer any Jews in predominantly Muslim countries. These countries have been rendered Judenrein. Now, whose idea was that?

Hinderaker raises this issue:

Over the last week there has been much discussion of an interview that Pope Francis gave to a magazine. Some are asking breathlessly whether Francis might be a “liberal.” I am much more interested to know what he thinks about the extermination of ancient Christian communities across the Middle East and Asia, and whether he intends to lead a strong response to Islam’s effort to eradicate Christianity from much (ultimately all) of the globe.

Roger Simon recommends that we rouse ourselves from our torpor and recognize that Islam is at war against West. Sooner or later, we will have to get a lot more serious about fighting back… not merely in the military sense but in the cultural sense.

People who are happily fighting a culture war against Republicans will need to become equally fired up over Islamic misogyny. If they were not terrified of offending Muslims they would be.

Simon explains that the weekend attacks are only a small part of the world’s Islamic terrorism:

…  these killings are just the latest in a long and sadly predictable history of such events, Sunni and Shiite, during which, according to one website, a staggering 21269 deadly attacks have been undertaken by Islamic terrorists since  September 11, 2001.
21,269… that’s a lot of terrorism. After a while, you get the picture.

Eventually, you have to start thinking that perhaps the West has been overly solicitous, overly sensitive, overly understanding of the sensibilities of Muslims.

And that what we think is tolerance is being seen by our enemies as weakness borne of fear. The more the terrorists believe that we are afraid of them, the more they will think that they are winning.

It’s time, Simon says, to change course. First, by recognizing that the problem is not incidental to Islam; it is endemic:

To say that something is decidedly wrong in the Islamic world is a monumental understatement. And Muslim societies make almost no serious effort to correct themselves, ricocheting back and forth between military totalitarianism and religious totalitarianism while — like that family heroin addict — blaming everyone but themselves for their fate.

They are indeed in deep need of an intervention. The question is how to do it.

We need, Simon says, to start calling for Islam to have a Reformation:

Say that Islam itself is the cause of all this atrocious violence and must be corrected, must have a fundamental reformation of the religion. Keep talking about the reformation — keep demanding it of them — all the time.  Why have you not joined the modern world?  Why do you oppress women? Urge them to reform and never stop.

Next, he proposes that Sharia law be banned in America:

Make clear that Sharia law is absolutely incompatible with democratic U.S. values. We will not have it here because it is fundamentally misogynistic and intolerant of other religions, against many of the principles of our Constitution. Ban it in the USA.  If you want Sharia law, stay in an Islamic country. Do not come here.  In other words, force Islamic law to change if they want entry to this country.

Then, he recommends that we stop with all the multicultural nonsense about how all cultures are created equal:

Speak publicly against multiculturalism. All cultures are clearly not the same.  Some are repressive.  Islam is repressive and intolerant of others.

And then, speak the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood. Apparently, the Obama administration and its apologists were wrong when they declared that the Muslim Brotherhood was a force for democratic change.

Simon says:

Treat the Muslim Brotherhood as what they are — an Islamofascist organization, not an incipient democratic one. Organizations like that will never change if you believe, or play along with, their lies.

On this point, at least, someone is listening. The Egyptian government has just banned the Muslim Brotherhood and confiscated its assets.

One small step for Egypt....


Sam L. said...

Or convince them that killing any of us will bring reprisals. "Disproportionate" reprisals.

Anonymous said...

On the march. I mean, the insane Muslim fanatic lunatics are on the march. We're waiting... to have something to talk about. Like, "How could the Islamic nut-cases do this to us???" Very easily... when you're sleeping while you're awake. Ah, the stupidity of it all. But it's cool to be stupid in America. Losers pay attention to the wider world, and when they notice what's really going on, they're labeled as mean. And "Mean People Suck," right?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9/23/13 @9:50 AM:

Perhaps she was.

When was the last time you saw practicing Christians blow themselves up wholesale to simultaneously blow up lots and lots of people they have religious differences with?

Kind of like inviting gang members in Chicago to lead normal, educated, sane, civilized, peaceful lives instead of shooting each other to bits. If Christianity does it, I'm all for it.

But all cultures and ideas are equally worthy, right?

Still feeling that hope and change?


Dennis said...

So much for talk being the solution to Islamic Terrorism. One wonders how many time Obama has to be snubbed before even he figures out that a slick TelePrompTer speech does not actually solve problems. Speaking loudly while carrying a little stick, especially one one is afraid to utilize, just does not scare people like Rouhani or for that matter any other dictator or Islamic zealot. A balance between power and diplomacy has to be maintained. Too much emphasis on one negates the other. It still amazes me that we elected a "one trick pony" as president. It has the philosophical depth and understanding of a pane of polished glass.
In one of the management classes I took in college that most of what was learned in those classes were to give one various ideas on managing various situations and people, but that some times one had to use less desirable means. managing people is the same no matter what level one is dealing at. They are after al people.
I know I seem to comment a lot about balance, but it is the solution to almost ever issue we face. The failure to see that balance is why we are creating chaos in every human endeavor.
Question. What factor is a common thread to almost anything that happens in an economy? What happens when one causes that factor to escalate in cost and how does that multiply its affect throughout that economy? Further if one uses food for something other than food does that not escalate costs, both human and fiscally, throughout that economy?
Too many people think ideas are great, but they are just the beginning.

Leo G said...