Sunday, October 27, 2013

SNL does the Obamacare Website Fiasco

First, it was Jon Stewart. Now, in the ultimate indignity, Saturday Night Live, aka SNL, has done a brutally funny takedown of Secretary of HHS Kathleen Sebelius and the Obamacare website fiasco:


n.n said...

It is not viable. It is a burden. We need Planned Government. Abort the clump of pages and scripts known as the Obamacare website.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al misdiagnosed the condition and have offered liberal doses of debt and progressive corruption to obfuscate its symptoms.

We should probably also abort the clump of policies and regulations known as Obamacare.

Sam L. said...

Was driving home yesterday and heard a bit of "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR. They were riffing on how badly the opening of Obamacare was going.

I take this as a sign that it's really obvious, even to the left.

Dennis said...

When one has SNL, the "media" and now Ted Rall attacking Obamacare one knows that the floodgates are in the process of opening. Enjoy:
CBS does Bengazi
SNL, Ted Rall, Kirsten Powers, et al does the ACA
Syria convincing a number of pro American Arab countries that Obama cannot be trusted
Larger numbers of Democrats distancing themselves from Obama
I stated quite a while ago that I thought Obama would suffer a "death of a thousand cuts" and it would appear that that is in the making.
OMG even the consiglieri Valerie Jarrett is under attack in some quarters.
In advantage lies the seeds of disadvantage. After being told by our "betters" that we were just not nuanced enough to understand the issues this is kind of fun to watch.
The Obama administration should have been careful about "tossing people under the bus," alienating others one might need later, and believing it's own press because a significant number of these people will be there when the downward spiral starts and they will provide the same respect that Obama provided.
The questions are only going to get harder from this point forward, especially as people lose the fear that once was extent.

Dennis said...

Now this has got to make one wonder;

Sam L. said...

Dennis, is she 'under the bus', or has she been 'disappeared'?

Dennis said...

Sam L,

It is quite possible that she did not want her visage to be associated with what now seems to be a catastrophic disaster. Given the number of lies told by Obama and almost anyone associated with the administration who would know the truth even if they told us.
Prediction: I will posit that as this disaster grows we will begin to hear the susurrations of "single payer" in the background. So breathy and so enticing.