Thursday, August 7, 2014

Peak Sexting Time

I have no idea what this means, but it does not feel like a good thing.

A firm did a study—don’t you just love all of these statistical studies?- and discovered that peak sexting time is Tuesday morning between 10:00 and noon.

Allison Davis is puzzled. So am I.

She writes:

One might assume that sexting would peak somewhere around the witching hour: after the sun sets, when the moon is high, and people feel freaky enough to express weird things that they want to do around each other. (Or to dance around a cauldron. Or both.)

I’m assuming that most of those who are indulging this dubious activity—be clear, I strongly recommend against it—are young. Most likely they belong to the millennial generation. Apparently, their work ethic has room for improvement.

I’m not sure what this says about America’s future, but frankly I find no cause for optimism. Something tells me that this is not going to end well.


Anonymous said...

"Ahh, schmoopie... our weekend together was great. Meeting you at the Loosey-Goosey was amazing. I've never seen a girl do body shots like that at 1:45 AM. You were the girl for me, at least you were when I got you back to my place. But now we're both back to the old work grind. Doesn't work suck? Sigh. I spent all day yesterday busy here at work because I had so much to catch-up on both work-wise and with office gossip. Nevertheless, darling, I got into work today, checked email, had some coffee and spent some time hanging over my buddy's cube. And I realized I didn't want to talk with him, I wanted to talk with you. I didn't want to be around him, I wanted to be around you. And, so, ummm, I got a little hot and decided to duck into a private place and take this picture of my junk. Well, you don't think it's junk because, well... you know... we had such an uproarious time together and you were in throes of ecstasy. I want you again. So, before I went to lunch I thought I'd send this pic to you to see if you weren't busy some night this week when you could come over and we could watch a flick. But if you are tied up (ooooohhh), we can at least plan ahead for the weekend, and you can get really, really, really excited about what's in store for you then. Gosh, I love and trust you so much, and I'm hoping this shot of Mr. Happy will make you happy. Don't pay attention to anything in the background, I just had to take a quick shot. Bye now..."

Romantic, eh? If you think it's stupid and silly, so is sexting.

Does that explain Tuesday well enough? Hell, I could've said anything, but I can't imagine what would make Tuesday between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM anymore odd than any other time to send a picture of your genitalia into cyberspace for all to see. And if you're a guy, what's the problem? I think we can all agree it's a bigger deal for a woman, which is why it's reckless for a woman to do such a thing. Or maybe we can't agree, and what I wrote in the paragraph above makes sense to you. It doesn't make sense to me, but it was interesting to riff on why Tuesday morning.

Under the boardwalk, down by the sea...


Kaiser Derden (aka TDL) said...

I feel sorry for the millennial generation. For the most part they seem to have been in search of some sort of satisfying life experience and thus far I don't see many positive results. The only mark they seem to have made on the world is to be an example for future generations. A bad example ...