Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Ron Klain?

Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy offer one explanation for President Obama’s naming of Ron Klain to be his Ebola Czar: 

To fix his messaging problem, President Obama has appointed political fixer Ron Klain as its new Ebola response “czar.” Mr. Klain’s most significant contribution to public-health spin control came when he was Vice President Joe Biden ’s chief of staff during one of the worst public-health communications missteps of recent memory. During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, Mr. Biden said on NBC’s “Today” show that “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places now.” The White House press office scrambled to walk back Mr. Biden’s words, which threatened to disrupt public transportation and air travel.

This leaves us with the question: why would Obama appoint someone with no relevant experience to a job that is clearly beyond his capacities?

Happily, the question answers itself. It's the story of Obama’s presidency, if not the story of his life? 

You would think, by now that Obama would have learned the lesson. Everyone else has.

It looks like he is going to be the last one to know. 


Dennis said...

When one is a rigid ideologue then one never accepts anything that may conflict with that ideology. One may obfuscate, dissemble abuse the truth, et al, but one does not change. It is virtually impossible for Obama to change from long held beliefs. Much like those who ascribe to Marxism or Freud. There will always be a justification, no matter how contorted, for why its tenets are correct.
Most people will learn as they age and, in some cases, change their ideas, but to the ideologue it comes down to the need for better people who are nuanced enough to understand the ideology.
It is somewhat interesting that institutions of higher learning are compose of many who never learn past their own ideological biases. It does appear that wisdom, the most import aspect of anyone's life, never happens to these people.
Klain is the perfect example of a rigid ideologue erecting a barrier to any thought that may reflect badly on Obama's belief systems. Point in fact that the whole administration is composed of people who are there to convince people agains't the notion that "the emperor has no clothes."
In the absence of outright revolt I suspect he would let a significant number of people become infected in order to stay in that warm comfortable "womb" of ideology where everything is perfection.
Don't Americans deserve it for all the horrible things they have done notwithstanding the great positive affect that they have had on the world as a whole. Far greater than the negatives for even an exceptional people will make mistakes because we are human and failible.

Dennis said...

One of the reasons that Obama stumbles from one big mistake to another is that his ideological belief system will not accommodate reality. If one analyses Obama it is amazing how consistent he is if one takes in to consideration of the underlying ideological propensities. There is a strong emphasis on Alinsky, Marism, social justice and leftism's form of the dialectic. It always emphasizes the role of experts and a big centralized government to control and dictate to the masses who are never smart enough to understand the nuisances of life well to make their own decisions.
When one believes in this manner then why not Ron Klain.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I continue to wonder whether his inexperience and incompetence makes it impossible for him to deal with a reality that he cannot grasp or whether his training in rigid ideology has taught him to ignore reality.

Dennis said...

Mockery may be a sign that one is not dealing with reality and the same political expediencies no longer work for one's own voters.

I would select his ideology. Many a president is inexperienced, but most of them recognize the need to adapt to the needs of the people vice one's ideology. Bill Clinton is a perfect example. Too bad he had the negative drag of Hillary.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I think you're probably right. It takes an especially warped mind to be incapable of learning from mistakes.

Sam L. said...

Yeah, well, there's that possibility that this IS what Barry wants, or that he IS the unknowing agent of the Communist devils.

Say, I like those old colonial-days
"s"s that look like "f"s.