Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How Is Trump Polling?

When he isn’t complaining about something else, Donald Trump is complaining that the news media do not report accurately on his great poll numbers.

OK, fair is fair. Let’s look at some of the latest poll numbers.

On the question of favorability, DT does not come off too well:

According to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 40 percent of Americans have a positive impression of Biden, while 28 percent have a negative impression (+12).

That's compared to fellow Democrats Bernie Sanders (+10) and Hillary Clinton (-8), and to top-tier GOP candidates Ben Carson (+8), Carly Fiorina (+7) and Donald Trump (-33).

When it comes to electability, how does DT compare with the other Republicans being matched up against Hillary Clinton?

If the 2016 election was held today, voters overall say they'd back Clinton over Trump by 10 points (49 percent to 39 percent), but the former secretary of state would be statistically tied with Fiorina (45 percent for Fiorina, compared to 44 percent for Clinton), Carson (46 percent for Carson, compared to 45 percent for Clinton), and former Florida governor Jeb Bush (44 percent for Bush, compared to 45 percent for Clinton).

Against Biden and Sanders, the news for the Donald is not any better:

But Biden would fare better, besting Bush by eight points (48 percent to 40 percent), Fiorina by six points (47 percent to 41 percent), Carson by eight points (49 percent to 41 percent), and Trump by 19 points (56 percent to 35 percent).

In a hypothetical matchup with Donald Trump, Sanders would also handily defeat the real estate mogul, getting 52 percent of the general election vote compared to Trump's 36 percent.

Of course, none of it really matters. What does matter is expressing one’s outrage and making a political point. Besides, all of the Antitrumps are the same anyway, aren’t they?

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