Thursday, October 1, 2015

Egypt Reacts to Obama

How does America look in the eyes of the world? How does an America led by Barack Obama look to the Muslim world? To take an example, how does the Egyptian media portray Obama?

If you were wondering, here's a clip:


Steve Finnell said...


Is it a sin to murder babies? Most would say yes unless that baby has not been born. Many, including some politicians, conclude that partial birth abortion is wrong with the exceptions of rape, incest, and to protect the life of the mother.

If a baby is conceived due to rape or incest why would you punish the innocent baby by imposing a death sentence? Why not punish those guilty of rape and incest? In what way is murdering a partially delivered baby making the mother more healthy? Abortions are more dangerous to a woman's health than having a baby.

The Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal. Does that mean killing unborn babies is not a sin? If the Supreme Court ruled that stealing is legal, would that mean stealing is no longer a sin? Of course not.

Luke 18:20 You know the commandments, 'DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY, DO NOT MURDER, DO NOT STEAL......(NASB)

The Supreme Court can rule on man-made laws, however, God commands cannot be changed. Sin is still sin.

Do you believe that on Judgement Day a good defense for sin will be, the Supreme Court authorized abortion, the law says adultery is legal, or according to men, being a drunkard in your own home is lawful?


Ares Olympus said...

This is the original video clip, slightly better. Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech - IPhoneConservative, May 20, 2015

And it mentions where the translations come from.
Please visit where original unedited clip was taken from. They do invaluable work in detailing and reporting on the media in the Middle East.

Looks like lots of juicy pundit gossip and propaganda there to be found!

Ares Olympus said...

p.s. Here's another link to the original video clip, with words "Update: Dang, it is a spoof." I

It's not 100% clear if the video is supposed to be a spoof, or the translations, or both?!
Update: Dang, it is a spoof.

Hold onto your hats, and don’t start watching this while there’s hot coffee in your mouth. They don’t discuss President Obama in such frank terms on American television, but then again, Egypt fell to the Muslim Brotherhood with Obama’s support and, no thanks to him, managed to escape becoming another Iran.

Translation is courtesy of the very reliable MEMRI organization. (Update: evidently not.)

Also incidentally, the Obama speech they were making fun of was at the Coast Guard commencement.

Interestingly, the U.S. military doesn't have the luxury of climate change denial like the Republicans benefit from.
The Center for Naval Analysis has had its Military Advisory Board examining the national security implications of climate change for many years. Lead by Army General Paul Kern, the Military Advisory Board is a group of 16 retired flag-level officers from all branches of the Service.

This is not a group normally considered to be liberal activists and fear-mongers.

This year, the Military Advisory Board came out with a new report, called National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change, that is a serious discussion about what the military sees as the threats and the actions to be taken to mitigate them.

“The potential security ramifications of global climate change should be serving as catalysts for cooperation and change. Instead, climate change impacts are already accelerating instability in vulnerable areas of the world and are serving as catalysts for conflict.”

And as Rear Admiral David Titley, former Oceanographer of the Navy, stated in a 2013 testimony to Congress, “I tell people, this is cutting-edge 19th-Century science that we’re now refining.”

The Military Advisory Board is dismayed that discussions of climate change have become so polarizing and have receded from the arena of informed public discourse and debate.

“While the causes of climate change and its impacts continue to be argued or ignored in our nation, the linkage between changes in our climate and national security has been obscured. Political concerns and budgetary limitations cannot be allowed to dominate what is essentially a salient national security concern for our nation. Our Congress, the administration, and all who are charged with planning and assuring our security should take up the challenge of confronting the coming changes to our environment.”
Our Military Advisory Board concluded that “coordinated and well-executed actions to limit heat-trapping gases and increase resilience to help prevent and protect against the worst projected climate change impacts are required — now.”

Whatever your thoughts on the relative human and natural influences on climate change, ignoring our military is not prudent. They understand the dangers of not being prepared.

Ares Olympus said...

Oh, here's more fun "gossip", closer to home from Jonathan Chait.
On Tuesday, Jeb Bush proposed to eliminate the Obama administration’s regulation of carbon pollution, and, in keeping with his self-styled goal of “growth at all cost,” proposes to make any further climate regulation essentially impossible. In any other democracy in the world, a Jeb Bush would be an isolated loon, operating outside the major parties, perhaps carrying on at conferences with fellow cranks, but having no prospects of seeing his vision carried out in government. But the United States is different. Here in America, ideas like Bush’s fit comfortably within one of the two major political parties. Indeed, the greatest barrier to Bush claiming his party’s nomination is the quite possibly justified sense that he is too sober and moderate to suit the GOP.

Of all the major conservative parties in the democratic world, the Republican Party stands alone in its denial of the legitimacy of climate science. Indeed, the Republican Party stands alone in its conviction that no national or international response to climate change is needed. To the extent that the party is divided on the issue, the gap separates candidates who openly dismiss climate science as a hoax, and those who, shying away from the political risks of blatant ignorance, instead couch their stance in the alleged impossibility of international action.

Incidentally, I'll count myself on the "impossibility of international action" stance. It's just curious why all republicans don't limit their denial to mere collective incompetence.

Okay, back to the fake video transcriptions with foreigners making fun of our president. Its much more comforting to have a common scapegoat with people who "hate our freedom".

Ares Olympus said...

FYI: I looked again. Here's the confession to the translation "spoof" author, the top-two two comments.

I guess we're supposed to realize its a spoof when they joke about Obama's biceps. But he obviously wants to keep attention to it since he has it top video selected on his channel.

All attention is good when you're on the internet. Bill Clinton said its about Branding, where facts don't matter. Muslim world reacts to Obama's latest speech - IPhoneConservative
IPhoneConservative 4 months ago
I must admit I find it fascinating that so many people commenting here are voicing their outrage at my editing of the subtitles in this clip from MEMRI. For those that don't know who they are...........they are an invaluable site that documents and translates much of what goes on in Middle East media. This clip was from their site.

Every day they post videos with leading Islamic figures and personalities making hideous statements about Jews and Christians. About killing gays and beating women. I wonder how many of those outraged by my use of the clip in this way are equally outraged by the real sentiments expressed on these program's?

Not enough I would guess.


oneConservative 4 months ago

Folks.......this a spoof. It was never intended to be taken as a legitimate news report. Obviously two things are at play here. One, I did the job too well.
Two, we have come to the stage in the Obama presidency where quite literally..........anything is possible.