Monday, January 30, 2017

Gender Disparity in the Therapy World

Equality is a mirage. Equal distribution of males and females in business and the professions is an illusion.

Some people believe that there should be an equal number of men and women in all businesses and professions. They also believe that there should be an equal number of male and female mothers, fathers and homemakers.

Unless the day arrives when government bureaucrats choose your career for you, it will never happen. We and not only we have often noted that when too many females enter a profession, men flee it and the profession becomes a pink ghetto. In time it  has a large majority of women.

Take the therapy profession. In Great Britain today the profession is 15% male and 85% female. Roughly the same percentages pertain to psychology majors, so the therapy world is destined to become a more maternal space where patients can get a female perspective on the world and on human experience. Call it girl power, if you must, but it alienates men and makes the clientele overwhelmingly female. Link here.

The result: women patients go to female therapists and talk about their feelings. Potential male patients avoid the process altogether. It sounds markedly sexist. Besides, why should it be that in a time when women are increasingly involved in the marketplace they are being enticed to retreat into their minds? Why shouldn’t they learn how to deal with real world problems? Could it be that female therapists do not know anything about real world problems, and thus are consigning their female patients to a special kind of dysfunctionality?

By now, everyone knows about the gender disparity in the therapy world. Men in particular are no longer going to therapy. They understand that women want them to get in touch with their feelings, thus to get in touch with their feminine sides. They have no interest in the enterprise.  They know that a man who is in touch with his feminine side is going to be less attractive to women. He will be less able to compete in the marketplace, in the world where male status is determined.

Men also understand that many male therapists have drunk the same Kool-Aid and have bought into the feminization project that has come to infect therapy.

The consequences are dire. In Great Britain men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide and are far less likely to seek help in therapy. There suicide is the leading cause of death for men under the age of 45.

Dr. John Barry of the University College London explains:

Men are three times more likely to kill themselves, yet women are 50% more likely to seek professional help before taking their own lives. We know that 75% of women sought help before they committed suicide, versus only half of men.

“So we looked at the barriers to men getting help and found that some 16.5% of men wanted to see a male therapist. That means more men might get help if they were more able to talk to a man.”

It does not correlate with the gender neutered ideology that infests so many postmodern minds, but a male patient will bond with a man in ways that he will not bond with a woman. And a female therapist might very well disparage male bonding methods.

Barry explains the difference:

In therapy, men often talk about football, or jokey banter, which female therapists can interpret as men not taking therapy seriously. But male therapists know this is part of the trust-building process. Listen and talk to them as men, and it can make a huge difference.

Part of the question then becomes, how many female therapists respect men as men? To be gender neutral, how many male therapists respect men as men? How many therapists believe that masculinity is an illness that needs to be cured?

After all, female therapists are not merely female therapists. They are likely to be feminists too. A profession that is supposedly grounded in science seems increasingly to be driven by ideology. Many feminists, especially today’s more politically correct variety, believe that men, by virtue of being men, suffer from an illness and need to be cured. Can you blame any man from not wanting to place his mind in the care of ideologues masquerading as professionals.

Given that therapy has been closed to them, how do men cope with emotional distress. Barry tells us:

When men are depressed we sleep less, become irritable, abuse drink and drugs, play video games, use sex or pornography more, become aggressive, fight.

People don’t sympathise with men who are depressed because, frankly, often men act like idiots. So when we hear that men commit suicide at three times the rate that women do, you might be forgiven for thinking ‘so what – that’s three times fewer idiots on the planet'

Obviously, there’s more to it than self-destruction. Men tend to self-medicate—if you will—with alcohol, sports and pornography. But, they might also vent their frustrations and their anger by aggressive behavior… and not merely against men.

Be careful what you wish for….


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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...
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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Forget gender disparities, the PC crowd empaneled in no less than the British Medical Association now profides guidelines to physicians on nomenclature in referring to aspects of reproductive health, because they're no longer just a women's issue. The totalitarian PC crowd doesn't want their members to refer to "expectant mothers" because such wording is offensive to transgender people... who represent less than 0.3% of the population:

More madness from these government-sanctioned professional associations that do less and less to associate professionals or provide value to members, but instead shape their members' references and instruct government bureaucrats in proper naming conventions, no doubt to reflect "21st century realities." It's no longer about representing member interests and helping physicians do their jobs better. This panel of medical "experts" at the BMA now wants to tell its members how to think. And, since the British National Health Service is socialized, it's not long before it is how all citizens are supposed to think of these sideshow matters, lest they be guilty of "hate crimes" or "hate speech."