Sunday, April 16, 2017

Anti-Semitism in Paris

Islam is at war against Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. It began with an assault against Jews and has continued with a war against Christians. Today, Christians have become the most persecuted group in the world. The point is worthy of reflection on Easter.

Recently, Daniel Greenfield reported (via Maggie’s Farm) the murder of an elderly Jewish woman, a nursery school director, by her Muslim neighbor in Paris:

Sarah Lucy Halimi was thrown out of the window of the third floor Paris apartment while she begged her Muslim killer to spare her life. 

The 66-year-old director of an Orthodox Jewish nursery was woken from her sleep when she was violently beaten by her twenty something Muslim neighbor who then dragged her to the window.

She died on the street outside the building where she had lived for thirty years. 

The killer had allegedly shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. In the tragic comedy of denial that every Islamic terrorism investigation inevitably becomes, the authorities are still hunting around for his motive. 

Emphasize the point: the authorities cannot figure out what caused the man to murder a woman solely because she was Jewish. Our terrorized media and politicians systematically cover up for Islamic terrorism. It shows you that terrorism works. In the weak willed it produces submission.

Halimi lived on a street that was close to a Paris No-Go zone. Rather than see the horror in these places, the media trots out the usual clichés about the beauty of their multicultural diversity:

The street where Sarah Lucy’s broken body lay was the Rue de Vaucouleurs. It’s close to Belleville, a neighborhood whose name means “Beautiful town”, but which is better known these days as one of France’s "Zones Urbaines Sensibles" or “Sensitive Urban Zones.” 

Or, without the euphemisms, parts of the beautiful town are really a “No Go Zone”. Or, if you prefer the official descriptions, a vibrant, colorful and multicultural community full of delightfully exotic foods. 

Was the murder an isolated act? Not at all. It was the culmination of a series of anti-Semitic assaults committed by members of the killer’s family:

Yonathan Halimi, Sarah Lucy’s son, describes the killer’s family as being known for its anti-Semitism. "One day, one of the killer's sisters pushed my sister down the stairs, and the next time she called her a dirty Jew," he described. Sarah’s brother said that the killer called Sarah and her daughter, “dirty Jews”.

This is how Jews and Muslims lived in North Africa. This is how they lived everywhere under Muslim rule. Now this is how Jews and Muslims live in Paris and anywhere else settled by Islamic migration. 

Why do Muslims hate Jews? Because Mohammed taught them to do so:

The first ever cry of “Allahu Akbar” was uttered during Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews of Khaibar. The murderous bandit who founded Islam had lain in wait for the Jews who cultivated palm trees in a desert oasis to emerge in the morning. When the Jews came out with spades to make the desert bloom, Muslims attacked the gardeners with weapons against which gardening tools are no match. 

Mohammed shouted, “Allahu Akbar”. That does not mean, as the phrase is often mistranslated, that Allah is great. Or as it is even more woefully mistranslated, God is great. For Allah is only the deity of Islam. Instead Mohammed shouted that his god was greater than the God of the Jews because Allah had enabled him to ambush unarmed men. Or to throw a 66-year-old nursery director out of a window. 

“Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud,” remains a popular racist Muslim chant. Jews, remember Khaybar.



James said...

Islam is a belief established by the sword, spread by the sword, and maintained by the sword. To believe otherwise as some westerners do is wishful thinking and false virtue.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

A nursery school director.

There is something dreadful about Islam and what it sanctions, both explicitly and implicitly.

I expect no demonstrations by Muslims in France objecting the the horror and cowardice of this man.

Multiculturalism doesn't work because tolerance isn't enough. It is a non-value. The modern understanding of tolerance is indifference, and no one created or built anything great with indifference.

Sam L. said...

There are none so blind as those who will not see. Those are the liberals and progressives who adore multi-culti.

Ares Olympus said...

Are there really "no go zones" or are these fantasy creations of xenophobes?

Overall it seems safer to withhold judgement and skepticism against "alt-media" blogs with agendas of politicizing anything that fits their framework.

Why are there no MSM results in google searches for "Sarah Lucy Halimi"? I know, its a cover up. It's a left-wing conspiracy to protect the guilty and punish the innocent.

And just in time for national elections! Oh boy! That's good timing!

Ares Olympus said...

p.s. On searches, it may be a language problem. Her name is also given as "Lucie Attal-Halimi"

Here's one article translated from French, somewhat readable, including something on the suspect.
The murderer is called KT, 27, of African descent, Muslim. He has a history of delinquency. In the night of Monday to Tuesday, after a family dispute, it lets explode his rage in his building. It penetrates neighbors, it seems Malians, who, frightened, barricade themselves in a room of their apartment. KT then crosses the balcony to enter Lucie Attal-Halimi's house. He will defend it before 4 am.

KT was interned in psychiatry after his arrest, and is expected to testify. In the meantime, nothing is known of his madness or his motivation. Yet the news spread quickly, and with it the stupor, the fright, and soon the rumors.

It is easy to be afraid of crazy people who look like you, and easier to be afraid of crazy people who don't look like you.

Maybe killing old women is a religious declaration of war? Even if police call it a hate-crime, its still one crazy individual, in a city of crazy people and regular murders we wish never happened.

How about let's not prejudge a billion people based on one lost soul?

370H55V said...

Yes, right. One lost soul. Are you really that stupid or naïve, Ares?

Anonymous said...

The full chant is

Khaybar, Khaybar ya Yahud
Jaysh Mohammed sof a'ud

Khaybar Khaybar, O Jews
The army of Mohammed will return (To do another Khaybar)

Anonymous Lennie