Saturday, July 29, 2017

Responding to Unwanted Penis Pictures

I would like to tell you that Madison Kohn found an original response to unwanted pictures of men’s genitalia. To my knowledge she was not the first to find the best way to answer such offensive behavior. To be more precise, the pictures were not just unwanted. They had been sent by men she did not know. In another context, it’s called flashing. Unless I miss my guess, if you do it on a subway or on a street corner it’s a felony.

Apparently, today’s sophisticated young men believe that they can entice women to date them by showing pictures of their junk. It’s another sign of a pornified culture. One suspects that men do this because somewhere out there in the Tinder universe are women who actually respond to them.

Somehow or other this sexting thing has gotten completely out of control. At least, the proprietor of this blog has always been against it. Anyone who has promoted sexting, even on the grounds that everyone is doing it, has some ‘splaining to do.

As for Kohn, she found the perfect response. First, she took to Tinder to warn anyone who would think to send her such pictures that, upon receipt, she would send them to their mothers. When one hapless male person decided to test her resolve, she forwarded the picture to his mother and asked politely that said Mom order her son to cease and desist.

The Daily Mail has the story:

A girl who received an unwanted picture of a man's penis tracked his mom down to reveal his son's antics. 

Madison Kohn, 20, a student at Arizona State University warned clearly on her Tinder dating app profile that if anyone sent her explicit photographs, she would pass them on to their mothers. 

And that's exactly what she did when a man decided to test her boundaries. 

Boy I hope you know that girls are better that the FBI when it comes to stalking.

The student's Tinder bio reads: 'If you send me d**k pics I will send them to your mom. 

'That being said I'm pretty chill, are you?'

Having ignored the warning and tracked her down in social media, the man - who MailOnline is not naming - messaged her on Instagram before sending the lewd photograph. 

He said he couldn't sleep because of Ms Kohn, then sent her a picture of his penis before calling her 'amazing'. 

Kohn tracked down the man’s mother on Facebook and send her the picture, along with this message:

Having done so through Facebook, she screenshotted the message her son had sent and wrote: 'Hi, I see that your son is XX. 

'I have never talked to him but he has sent me this picture through Instagram after discovering my profile. 

'Can you please tell him not to send unsolicited pictures to women? 

'I did not ask for it.'


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Sam L. said...

Good for her! The guy, though, what a maroon!