Thursday, August 23, 2018

Alan Dershowitz on the Michael Cohen Plea

Our go-to legal scholar, Alan Dershowitz, explained the fallout from the Michael Cohen case to Tucker Carlson last night. It's worth your attention.

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trigger warning said...

Thanks for posting that. Despite political differences, I have great respect for Dershowitz as a civil liberties lawyer.

And speaking of Harvard Law profs, I note that Tribe is busy analyzing Kavanaugh's publication record as a sportswriter for the Yale Daily News...

"On the other hand, [Tribe] found a departure from Kavanaugh’s typical jurisprudence in 'Dartmouth Rally Upends Streak.' 'Kavanaugh complained that the refs let the game ‘get completely out of control’ as Dartmouth players ‘consistently hammered’ a Yalie ‘without the whistle blowing’ once,' Tribe said. 'One might see in that a rare early condemnation of judicial restraint."
--- New Yorker, 8/2018

A full understanding of the hallucinatory element in Tribe's thinking requires awareness of his law review article, "The Curvature of Constitutional Space", arguing that strict constitutional construction (e.g., Scalia) is obsolete because... Einstein.