Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Chicago as a Shooting Gallery

Authorities in Chicago are trying to put a pretty face on the spike in gun violence. They see that shootings have increased this year. It might have something to do with the summer’s Black Lives Matter insurrection against the police and against civil authority.

But, fear not. The local authorities assure us that the cold weather will work its magic and decrease gun violence. 

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Nearly 3,800 people were shot in Chicago this year through the end of November, compared with about 2,400 shooting victims in the same period last year — a 58% increase.

Meanwhile, police reported 716 murders through the end of November, a 54% increase from the 464 murders during the same time last year.

Compared month-to-month, November closed out with 267 shootings while November 2019 had 154 shootings — a 73% increase.

Shootings directed at police officers have tripled:

Beside the pandemic and civil unrest, officers are also facing a three-fold increase in shootings directed at officers.

Chicago police officers have been shot at 71 times this year, and 10 officers have been struck by bullets. In the same period of 2019, officers were shot at 18 times, with three officers struck by gunfire. In July, three police officers were shot when a prisoner opened fire at a police station on the Northwest Side.

True blue Chicago-- time for Mayor Lightfoot to take a bow.


370H55V said...

That's over one in a hundred Chicagoans. Not good odds if you live there.

trigger warning said...

The odds of being shot in Chicago, similar to the odds of being killed by earthquakes or hurricanes, depend on where you live in Chicago. Black Lives Meaningless are ascendant in some areas, and not others.

All probabilities are conditional.

Sam L. said...

"In July, three police officers were shot when a prisoner opened fire at a police station on the Northwest Side." HOW did THAT happen?????

hayek said...

But they cannot touch Minneapolis for increase in carjackings, reportedly up over 500% from 2019. Which party is in control of these two cities?