Thursday, February 4, 2021

Senile Joe Strikes Again

It’s fair to say that large segments of the American population are waiting for Joe Biden’s next manifestation of his senile dementia. Obviously, his staff is acutely aware of his deficiencies. Thus, they go out of their way to script every one of his public comments. 

Still, sometimes the genie escapes from the bottle, as happened when Biden was commenting on the murders of two FBI agents while serving a man in Florida.

The Daily Mail has the text of Biden's words:

You know, one of the things, when you are in a combat zone of the military or you're a FBI agent, or military or a police officer, every family just - when they put that shield on and go out in the morning - dreads the possibility of a call - receiving that phone call,' Biden continued. 'And my heart aches for the families.' 

The president said he had yet to reach out to the families and wouldn't do so Tuesday. 

'But they put their lives on the line, and it's a hell of a price to pay,' he continued. 'And every single day, every single one of these folks get up and they - by and large - the vast, vast majority of these men and women are decent, honorable people who put themselves on the line.' 

'And we owe them,' Biden added. 

Did you notice the non sequitur? Did you notice the completely irrelevant remark about how most FBI agents are decent and honorable people. The remark would be perfectly appropriate if the issue at hand was the discovery that some FBI agents were not decent, honorable people.

Since no one was hinting anything of the sort, Joe was just showing us that he is cognitively impaired.

Bless his press secretary, Jen Psaki for covering up for her boss. She said:

Well, I think the point he's making is that despite reports of, you know, individuals in different areas who may have done things that are problematic, that the vast majority of men and women serving in our law enforcement roles, serving in civil service roles, serving in roles across government to vital and essential work for the American people. 

Of course, this is gibberish. It shows you that the job of press secretary is not to inform the public but to cover up her boss’s frailties. 


Sam L. said...

My take is that I cannot trust anything the Biden administration says.

Christopher B said...

Rather than any impairment, I think it shows Biden is aware of the enormous credibility hit Comey, McCabe, Storkz, and the whole Crossfire Hurricane/Mid-year Exam mess have given to the FBI such that he has to leverage a tragedy to repair the damage.

Walt said...

No, I think (in a senile way) he was trying to briefly bridge a gap or cover the cognitive dissonance between the left's prominent drone of "police are all murderous racist pigs" ("fry em like bacon") and the army is larded with terrorist-extremists', and this sudden newfound reverence (the Capitol officer's ashes lying in state in the rotunda) and tne Guard guarding the palace. He just got the two issues confounded. Meanwhile, be sure that your kids are playing the record player at night (and possibly listening to Paul Whiteman or Xavier Cougat ) because the vast majority of band leaders are very decent people.