Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Canada Goes Stark Raving Mad

Previously, I wrote about the Canadian citizen who is now sitting in jail, for having committed the crime of not addressing his transgendered son by his preferred pronouns.

It reeks of caricature. It sounds like something out of the Onion. Unfortunately, it is true. 

Writing in City Journal, Bruce Bawer lays out the series of events that led to the imprisonment of one Rob Hoogland. (via Maggie’s Farm)

It is a terrifying sequence, wherein the criminal justice system of a supposedly civilized country has so completely bought into trans ideology that it has taken upon itself to prosecute and persecute a parent who refused to allow his daughter to make a life changing decision. As you know, the courts overrode Hoogland and allowed his daughter to mutilate herself and to become what the court system insists is a boy.

I cannot really do it justice by summarizing the story. Bawer does an excellent job of explaining it all. So I will limit myself to recommending his article to your attention. 

Perhaps international ridicule will bring Canada to its senses.


whitney said...

International ridicule? By whom? all the globalist have bought into this ideology. I'm sure Putin would have something to say but you know we Russia is the Boogeyman. I'm sure it's funny to China but they're happy to watch us self destruct and I'm sure will delight and egging us on. So somewhere in Africa South America? Who is going to say anything and ridicule this?

Sam L. said...

"Perhaps international ridicule will bring Canada to its senses." I wouldn't bet on it. There isn't a clue bat BIG enough to do that. Nor a man strong enough to wield it.
Let's saw off Canada and let it flat away, if we can find a big-enough saw...

Sam L. said...

Float, not flat! BAD fingers!! BAD!!!111!!!!