Friday, December 3, 2021

The End of Transmania

The debate over transgenderism is consuming British minds. I will not recall all of the arguments for now, but I will share some thoughts by a British journalist named Simon Edge.

At the close of a long excursus into the current state of the British national debate, Edge adds a pessimistic and an optimistic note.

First, for pessimism, and this is not to be dismissed gingerly:

A generation of young people now believes that sex is a spectrum, that children have the right to choose a male or a female puberty, and that any man who says he’s a woman should be allowed in women’s spaces. These young people are already becoming teachers, policy-makers, journalists and politicians, insisting that anyone who disagrees is a bigot who must be cast out of society. 

It sounds like what we call Gen Z. It is very sad indeed.

And, more optimistically, Edge looks forward to the days when enterprising lawyers will get a hold of the issue and sue everyone who has ever been involved in perpetrating this hoax. And, why not criminal prosecution? In fairness, I suggested as much quite some time ago. It is good to see yet another soul foresee the end of this horror:

Fashions are, by definition, transitory. What’s more, ideas change very quickly under stress. Sooner or later, a group of detransitioners will bring a class action against the doctors and/or pharmaceutical companies who have facilitated a mass medical experiment on children. If it succeeds, it will be hard to find anyone who admits to ever having cheered the experiment on.

Experiment… not quite le mot juste. Mutilating children and forcing trans groupthink on any nation is not an experiment. It is about human sacrifice and mind control. It is totalitarian and pagan.


David Foster said...

See Sgt Mom on Comprachios:

JPL17 said...

I too used to think we could count on plaintiffs' lawyers to put an end to the transmania nightmare. But after seeing the shunning, cancelling, firing and disciplinary persecution of lawyers who dared represent Trump, his allies or supporters, or who merely spoke out against CRT, BLM and other Marxist front movements, I've now lost all hope. By the time society sees the trans movement as the horror it is, the statute of limitations on the victims' claims will have long run.