Sunday, March 26, 2023


Everyone is doing it, so why not me? I am referring to Substack, the site where bloggers can published longer form essays. Many bloggers have been using Substack as a complement to their blogging, so I have decided to open a Substack. For now, I have begun by republishing several posts from this blog. I have decided to be more thematic with the Substack, limiting myself to posts that explicitly involve therapy. In time, my Substack will become a subscriber site, but I have chosen not to do so just yet.

Here is the link:

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370H55V I/me/mine said...

"Surely, when we are being interviewed for a job, it is nicer to hear directly that we have been rejected. But, is it really?"

Sorry, but you're dead wrong about that. In 2010 I went for an interview for a job 2000 miles from where I was living at the time. The company paid for my trip, but I still had to burn two days of vacation time to make it.

I thought I had a good shot because I was familiar with the company and its major customers, but after not hearing from them for five months I pulled the plug and told them where to go. I heard later that it took them over a year to fill the position, and the guy they hired ultimately left after only three years there.

My time, and every other interviewee's time (especially if one is unemployed--I wasn't at the time) is valuable too, and deserves the courtesy of a response in a reasonable period (no more than four weeks). And that means EVERY ihterviewee. If the company can take the time to interview thirty applicants, they can take the time to respond negatively to twenty-nine.