Sunday, December 3, 2023


This post might feel familiar. It echoes earlier posts about fundraising. It signals that I am still raising funds for the blog.

The year 2023 is about to leave us. Following my tradition, I now humbly request that my loyal readers acknowledge the value of my work, by donating to the blog.

Since this is largely unpaid work, my writings should be considered a generous gesture. As we all understood last Thursday, generosity should provoke gratitude.

Hopefully, you will judge that I deserve some compensation. That is, that I have earned it. It is not very easy to offer up thoughts, reflections and analysis on a daily basis, but I have accepted the challenge. For the most part I believe that I have fulfilled it. 

I have been writing daily posts on this blog for some fifteen years now. Obviously, it takes time and effort to do the job, and I could not have done it without the financial support of you, my readers.

I try to make my writing sound effortless, and, as the old saying goes, it takes a lot of work to make anything seem effortless.

Obviously, the internet is awash in blogs, and even Substacks. I am grateful to those who have chosen to spend a small part of their days reading mine. I have tried to be worthy of their confidence, by presenting reflections that are unlikely to be found elsewhere. 

I am grateful to those who have already contributed to this worthy cause and invite everyone else to join them.

If you would like to express your gratitude by donating please use the orange Paypal link, found on the left side of this page.

Otherwise, you may send checks or money orders to my direct address,

310 East 46th St. 24 H; New York, NY. 10017.

Thank  you in advance.

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