Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Inner City American Crime

Bill Maher was shocked to the roots of his being. He was musing with Ann Coulter about the identities of the Kansas City shooters. You recall, the ones who shot up the celebration marking the Chiefs Super Bowl victory.

Authorities have not identified the shooters, but Coulter remarked that if they were white males, we would know all about it by now.

Maher then tried to shut down the discussion by repeating that we do not know.

Of course, it’s the latest way to reduce the African-American crime rate. Progressive Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has found another way-- that is, he reduces felonies to misdemeanors. Don’t call it a serious crime and it is not a serious crime. 

The Daily Mail has the story:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has downgraded a staggering 60 percent of felony cases to lesser charges in the last year, data from his office shows.

The progressive DA reduced 938 of the most serious charged in 2023, 834 of which were brought down to misdemeanors.

Under Bragg, the percentage of felonies downgraded has increased to 60 - up from 53% percent under his predecessor. 

Statistically, this makes it appear that the crime rate is diminishing, while it is merely about skewed statistics.

Naturally, the black crime rate is a major embarrassment. It is an embarrassment for the black community and it is an embarrassment for America. 

Might it have something to do with the fact that when someone black commits a crime, we are obliged not to consider it a crime? Have you noticed, by the by, that no leaders in the black community are mounting campaigns against crime. That is, no black community leaders are militating against crime, against gangs and against violence. Apparently, they believe that it’s all the fault of white people. 

Now, a civil rights activist, by the name of Ben Crump, has the solution. Decriminalize crime. Now, why did you not think of that?

In truth, certain law enforcement officers have long since thought of that. The progressive district attorneys in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland have long since given up on prosecuting crime, especially crime committed by people of a certain race.

Crump suggested that white people had constructed a system of laws that were designed to criminalize the behavior of blacks. 

Now, one Bob Allen, on Twitter, explains it all:

Actually he's pretty close to right. Black African and Tribal cultures allow a lot of killing, and taking of property. The concept of Private Property is really from European culture. But, if they want to live like that they should go to Africa. We don't want it here.

So, private property was invented by white people to steal from non-white people. When people of color rip off convenience stores they are simply taking back what is rightfully theirs. The message seems clear enough. It is made manifest in behavior. 

For now we are suffering from a cognitive dissonance. We walk through our neighborhoods and see the shut-down storefronts. We see the drug stores locking down their wares. And, we keep saying to ourselves that this is white supremacy in action. Because we certainly do not want to hold the legions of smash and grab robbers accountable. That would expose us as bigots. 

In a world where whites have enslaved blacks, all people of color have a right to take what they want. And, if you are not a person of color, you should shut up.

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370H55V I/me/mine said...

The foundation of civilization is The Golden Rule, which in libertarianese translates into "Don't hurt or kill people, and don't break or take their stuff." Without that, we live in the state of nature, in which the only laws that apply are those imposed by limitations of biology and physics, namely, that one has to stay warm and dry, eat, drink, breathe, defecate and fornicate.

Otherwise one can do whatever one wants, including killing and hurting people and taking and breaking their stuff. In the state of nature, however, organisms evolve to protect themselves against such actions. The human equivalent is the invention of firearms, from which the expression FAFO has evolved as well. If our Soros DAs won't protect us, then sooner or later they will be in the crosshairs as well. We're not going to stick our necks out to be chopped off in the name of being "woke".

Anonymous said...

Tracy Chapman's 1988 hit Talkin''Bout a Revolution said it all:

"Poor people gonna rise up
And get their share
Poor people gonna rise up
And take what's theirs"

Yup, no private property. Nope, what you think is yours really belongs to "poor people."

After decades of obscurity Ms. Chapman became newsworthy a couple weeks ago due to her Grammy performanc.