Thursday, April 4, 2019

Rape Culture Is Alive and Well in Scandinavia

America’s young socialists want us to become more like Scandinavia. They imagine that those nations have attained prosperity by shunning capitalism—which is untrue—and they believe—rightly—that Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are bastions of “woke” feminism. No nations are quite as gender neutered as Nordic nations.

Sweden is a veritable feminist paradise, don’t you know? And Sweden has led Europe in admitting Muslim refugees, producing no-go zones where postal workers can no longer risk delivering the mail.

Anyway, to everyone’s shock, these nations have become exposed as world leaders in… you guessed it… rape. The news comes to us from Amnesty International, so naturally the details are distorted. AI does not tell us anything about the ethnicity of the rapists, even though, it has previously been reported that nearly all the rapes in Norway are committed by Muslim migrants. Surprised?

So, we are only entitled to part of the story. The AI story does not identify the rapists and does not examine the cultural conditions that countenance rape, but still. Given its own predilections, AI thinks the problem lies in policing, in capturing and punished the miscreants. It does not recognize that if the rapists are of Muslim origin, woke Scandinavian judges will most likely excuse the crimes… because, the rapists come from a different culture, one that countenances rape.

Anyway, the Daily Mail has the story:

Rights group Amnesty International has accused four Nordic countries renowned as bastions of gender equality of having 'shockingly high levels of rape'.

Investigators looked at rape cases in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and said flawed legislation, harmful myths and gender stereotypes had resulted in 'endemic impunity' for perpetrators.

Amnesty said victims were routinely being failed by investigators thanks to inconsistent techniques and delays in processing evidence.

The report said: 'It is a paradox that Nordic countries, which have strong records of upholding gender equality, suffer shockingly high levels of rape.'

Citing statistics from the European Institute for Gender Equality, the report said an average of 30 per cent of women in Denmark, Finland and Sweden had experienced violence or abuse at the hands of sexual partners, compared to an EU average of 22 per cent.

There you have it, these “bastions of gender equality” are happy to sacrifice their wives and daughters to rapists. It’s human sacrifice to the gods of multiculturalism. At the least, we know that these socialist countries are more about talking the talk than about walking the walk.


trigger warning said...

Channeling Nancy Pelosi, "I don't think the [rapists] -- perhaps appreciated the full weight of how [rape is perceived by] by other people. I don't believe it was intended in [a violent] way."

It's a cultural trope, like anti-semitic comments, wife beating, and stoning. We must constantly strive to understand the cultural beauty and True Message of the Religion of Peace™.

Sam L. said...

It's THEIR culture, and we MUST respect it! They, of course, don't and won't respect Scandinavian culture.

Dan Patterson said...

More victims of the Myth of the Noble Savage.
Said Eve to Adam "Well, yes, but..."

UbuMaccabee said...

Those men that remained behind, unfit to fight, tended the the women and children, while the other men boarded the longboats to conquer the globe. Over time, these unfit men inherited the pacifistic social democracies known as modern Scandinavia where they were ruled by women.