Friday, April 25, 2008

How Does It Feel? 2

Here's a thought experiment. Say that a man falls in love with a woman and she falls in love with him. His friends warn him about the relationship; they think that he has fallen too hard, too fast; they do not see the two of them together for the long term. They might even try to dissuade him from running off and marrying her this weekend.

He answers that he sees something in her that they do not see. (Hopefully, this is true.) And that the heart cannot be denied. Repressing his true feelings will likely give him cancer.

Do not presume that these are young people. It often happens today that a sexagenarian widower, recently returned to the dating scene after a three decade hiatus, gets swept up in a grand love affair with someone no one likes or approves of. Think Paul McCartney, for example.

Back to my original question: Who is right, your heart or your friends? While there is no such thing as absolute certainty here, if I had to risk a guess, I would vote for your friends.

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