Saturday, April 26, 2008

Say What?

Remember Harrison Ford, aka Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Jack Ryan, and Dr. Richard Kimble. Well, he's back in the news with a gesture that is more than passing strange.

You probably know that a new Indiana Jones movie is opening in about a month. To market the movie without appearing to market the movie Ford chose to make a grand gesture to support the environment: he got his chest waxed, on national television. He reasoned, if you dare call it that, that this would raise awareness about the pain of deforestation in the Amazon.

How much more love for the environment can any man show than to undergo the agony of waxing? How much more of a sacrifice can any man make than to give up his chest hair? I'm sure the rain-forest feels better already!

The most important point is the interpretation. How are we to grasp the meaning of Harrison Ford's gesture? In three parts, it means:

1. That Ford does not have any self-respect.

2. That nothing is going on between his ears.

3. That a shortage of dignity and intelligence does not prevent a person from becoming a mega-star. In fact, it qualifies him or her to be a celebrity.

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