Friday, May 22, 2009

The Perils of Meghan McCain

Someone had to say it. I'm glad I was not the first.

Judith Warner wrote in her New York Times blog yesterday that there is something terribly sad about watching Meghan McCain make such a complete fool of herself in the national media.
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Obviously, she has not earned her role as spokesperson for the Republican Party. She has not earned a political blog on The Daily Beast or a six-figure advance to opine on the future of the Republican Party.

Perhaps Meghan McCain will make a substantive contribution in the future, but right now, as Warner says, she just sounds stupid. And if you want people to respect you, you cannot go on television and sound stupid.

I only disagree with Warner on one point: she declares that the Republican Party has promoted Meghan McCain as a spokesperson.

I believe the truth is the contrary. Meghan McCain is being exploited by certain segments of the media because she degrades the Republican brand, and her family name, to boot.

Yet, Judith Warner is right to feel pity for Meghan McCain... to the point where you have to start thinking: where are her parents?

The story feels like The Emperor's New Clothes. I am not sure why it fell to Judith Warner to express what I am sure a lot of people are feeling about Meghan McCain, but it did.

Perhaps she was simply acting as a parent watching a promising and talented child get involved in something that is way beyond her understanding and damaging herself in the process. If so, more power to her.

Normally, you would expect parents to provide this kind of guidance for their children.

The story reminds me of The Emperor's New Clothes. It does not end well.

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