Friday, May 8, 2009

The Secret to Being a Bad Wife

I have never been tempted to watch the television show called "Jon & Kate Plus Eight." If you are on the same wavelength I will mention that it offers up the daily travails of a couple with eight children, one set of twins plus one set of sextuplets.

As if that did not produce enough daily drama, it now appears that the Jon in the show's title has been cheating on wife Kate.

In itself, the fact is of subminimal interest.

More interesting is Susannah Breslin's commentary on the blog: "The XX Factor." Link here.

By definition, this blog tells us exactly what women really think.

So here is what Breslin thinks of the Jon and Kate marriage, the one that is now being threatened by Jon's adultery: "... the majority of the relationship seems to consist of Kate treating her husband like something that got stuck on the bottom of her shoe, the property of which she cannot quite identify, eliciting a non-stop look of thinly-veiled disgust and disappointment. In fact, it's hard to think of moments when the housewife is not humiliating, degrading, and emasculating her husband. On camera, no less."

Surely, the same would apply if the roles were reversed.

At the very least, Breslin has perfectly captured the secret to being a bad wife. Don't try this at home.

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