Sunday, October 11, 2009

Europe Weighs in on the Obama Peace Prize

Remember the old days when European intellectual elites were exhorting us to vote for Obama? Remember the old days when these same elites were cheering the bright new cosmopolitan president? Remember the old days when we could feel like Sally Field at the Oscars and stand up to say: You like us. You really like us.

Well, not so fast. Now that we have done what the cognoscenti have wanted us to do and elected Barack Obama president of the United States, these same European intellectuals, in the person of the journalistic establishment, seems to be having second thoughts.

Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who had not accomplished anything was a bridge too far for these great thinkers. Now, they seem to be having doubts about Obama. Adulation is giving way to ridicule.

For a compendium of European opinion, I am linking a collection of quotations complied by Soeren Kern. Link here.

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