Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Good Dating Advice

It struck me as I was reading Jag Carrao's article this morning that I have not offered very much in the way of dating advice lately.

One reason might be that my rather traditional approach to these matters tends to provoke rather strong negative reactions. Admittedly, I do not believe that new social customs have created a different human species. And I can only observe that for those who are looking to develop a lasting relationship, the more traditional approach works better.

So says Jag Carrao, and I agree fully with her remarks. Even though they are addressed to women, it is not a bad thing for men who are involved in the dating world to check them out too.


Jag Carrao said...

Thanks, Stuart! Yes, plenty of negative comments -- mostly from men, on HuffPo. I'm striking back, though. Check out my response on worldpress

dating advice said...

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african girl said...

This one really made my day!
I've been searching for some dating advice because I want to learn more about dating since I haven't tried dating for a couple of years.