Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Right Network: "Charity Never Solved Anything"

The wonderful new site, The Right Network, has just posted a revised version of my post: "Charity Never Solved Anything." Link here.

If you read through the comments my first post elicited, you will have noticed that some commenters were kind enough to point out that I got a couple of facts wrong.

I am grateful for their being gracious enough to point these out to me. Where they were right, I have corrected the errors in the revised version that Right Network just posted.

I don't mean this as an excuse; rather, an explanation, but the original post was written on a Saturday morning, a time when my exceptionally talented fact-checkers are enjoying a well-earned weekend repose.

Again, I appreciate having had the opportunity to correct the record for The Right Network. I have not changed anything in the original post. If I had, the commenters' objections would not make any sense.


Anonymous said...

Do you really have talented checkers? Because I am a little jealous of your blog lately and that would make me feel a lot better if it were true.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

I always try not to say anything that will make anyone feel bad... so I'll leave the question open.

Of course, considering the dyspeptic reaction by one of the commenters-- who did correct several of my factual errors-- you would think that I had an army of fact checkers working for me.

merkur said...

As I pointed out, your errors weren't merely factual.