Friday, October 22, 2010

"South Park" on the Psychotherapy of Hoarding

I have never seen any definitive clinical studies about how and whether psychotherapy works for people who suffer from extreme hoarding.

Nevertheless, I am happy to provide some pertinent information on the topic, via a recent episode of South Park. Some of you might find it slightly cartoonish, but the episode does provide us with serious insights into one possible way that psychoanalytically-inspired psychotherapy might deal with hoarding. The link will bring up the full episode.

Link here.

My thanks to Ari Mendelson for bringing this to my attention.

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Retriever said...

I am so stealing that! Started laughing right from the start. A family of packrats. Periodically one of us will resolve to throw stuff out and start leaving photographs of the Collyer Brothers' house lying around to shame the others into joining us. If only all five of us got the resolve to rent a dumpster at the same time!