Sunday, February 6, 2011

Misogyny in Egypt

Nicholas Kristof may not think it worthy of mention, but this blog, among others, has tried to draw attention to the issue of the way women are treated in Egypt. Last week I wrote about the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Egypt, following the Spengler column. By now other writers, among them Jessica Olien on DoubleX, have offered more information on the topic.

Today, Nina Burleigh writes in the Huffington Post about the history of the conditions that Egyptian women are forced to endure. Her article is well worth your attention, and perhaps will dampen some of the irrational exuberance about the future of a democratic Egypt. Link here.


Susan said...

Thank you for the link to this outstanding article on women in Egypt in the Huffington Post which I would probably never have seen otherwise.

An article published in the HP has the additional merit that I can send it to my friends, most of whom are very liberal--and they'll actually read it!


Stuart Schneiderman said...

I'm glad you liked it, and I certainly hope that your friends will find it useful in their evaluation of the situation in Egypt.

I have to confess that I am amazed that some liberals will ignore this information when they think it is coming from the wrong source. Yikes.

The information has been around for quite a while, in the BBC, the AP, and other respectable, even left-leaning news organizations.