Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Does He Really Love Her? Does It Matter?

I just posted a new column on the Yourtango site. Link here.  Given the readership of the site, the column is addressed to women. It's an effort to explain to women a little bit about how men think. 

Happy reading.


Cassandra said...

That was amazing. I hope it gets wider circulation because it deserves to be widely read and widely quoted.

If both men and women paid more attention to character and less to frivolous things like looks, income, or charm, there would be a lot less divorce.

Retriever said...

Well done! I loved your post, Stuart. Perhaps because I married a man with a good character (okay, I thought he was cute, too...:))

Anonymous said...

LOVED it too! It was spot on. I married a guy who didn't sweep me off my feet. I married him b/c he's a good guy. A really good guy.

This week someone I went to HS w/ friended me on FB. He then proceeds to tell me how he was crazy about me, but was too afraid to ask me out b/c I was so beautiful, and of course he added that I was still just as beautiful.

I told him, my husband thinks I'm beautiful too, and he works hard every day b/c he loves me and the children. Then I asked him, you don't really think I'd risk losing him for a guy who is so morally bankrupt as to hit on a married woman, do you?

JP said...

Stuart says:

"You could not marry a man you did not really love. You may not love him to the point of insanity, but you will spend a considerable amount of time deciphering your own feelings. Is it love or lust or infatuation?

Sorry to have to break it to you, but he won’t be wondering about how deeply he loves you.

Whether he stays or goes does not depend on the intensity of his passion."

Huh? I'm a man and this went into my determination as to who I would marry.

I dated a woman for a couple of years.

She would have been fine as a wife and I got along with her very well, but I wasn't really in love with her, so, knowing that, I broke up with her. said...

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