Monday, April 25, 2011


Deadman said...

“As always, Brooks is really defending Brooks. He cannot bring himself to believe that his trouser crease epiphany misled him. His powers of rationalization far exceed his powers of ratiocination.”

That paragraph is gold.

Ralph said...

Yes, I think you've hit Brooks motive in continually revising his own view of Obama.

How does someone with changing personalities as defined by Brooks develop any integrity? Integrity is vital to being a good leader. You must have a pretty good idea of where the boss stands on most issues, so that when he isn't around you can make a pretty good guess. The lack of Obama being able to instill in those serving in his cabinet a sense of himself has resulted in conflicting comments on policy (Libya is the most recent example).

Megan said...

This cannot have effect in fact, that is what I believe.