Thursday, May 10, 2012

Male Sexual Enhancement

Here’s some news you can use. It’s directed at men, but it’s relevant for women too.

Researchers from MIT have just discovered that eating yogurt will make you a better man. To be more precise, yogurt will give you some serious swagger … if you are a male rodent.

Does the research apply equally to male humans? Since many women are persuaded that many men have a lot in common with rodents, we would have to say Yes.

My own survey has suggested that an equal number of women believes that men have more in common with dogs than with rodents, so we anxiously await the MIT studies on dogs.

The research has found that the probiotics in yogurt—whatever they are— enhance virility.

A mere lab assistant made this momentous discovery. The AP reports:

One eagle-eyed lab assistant noticed what was giving the males a surplus of machismo. Their testicles were far bigger than those of their peers–5 percent larger than mice who ate a normal diet, and 15 percent bigger than mice who were fed junk food. "The changes were not just superficial," says Shawn Radcliffe at Men's Fitness. "Yogurt-eating mice inseminated their partners faster and produced more offspring." The yogurt-eating male mice were also notably slimmer, with softer and shinier coats, too. 

Of course, this means that women should act counterintuitively and reject men who eat a lot of junk food in favor of men who eat a lot of yogurt. It's in their Darwinian self-interest.

But, what happens when female mice eat more yogurt? It enhances their feminine charms. Thankfully, there is no politically correct gender-bending in the rodent world.

The AP reports:

Females also reaped the mysterious rewards of yogurt. They had healthier fur, and were able to produce bigger litters of offspring.

Co-researcher Susan Erdman offers a scientific commentary on those results:

"When I saw those fur coats, I thought about adding more yogurt to my diet." 

Of course, the study does not tell us how much more yogurt a human male or human female should eat in order to produce similar results. We are reasonably confident that extra yogurt is not going to harm you.


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I'm going to start feeding my dogs yoghurt. Thanks for the tip.

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