Friday, June 15, 2012


n.n said...

Marriage is a social institution engendered by the natural order where a man and woman form a commitment to procreate and raise their children. Any other form of coupling may be tolerated, but it should also be distinguished from this naturally productive association.

The homosexual behavior has no redeeming value to society or humanity. However, it is unknown when this dysfunctional behavior will reach critical mass and either contribute to or cause evolutionary dysfunction.

Besides, the deviant behaviors engaged by heterosexual couples is demonstrably more harmful to society and humanity. In America, a majority of the population procreates in the minority. That is, by any standard, the definition of evolutionary dysfunction.

Perhaps couplets should be permitted to raise children; but, as their behavior is dysfunctional, it should not be normalized, and therefore the couplet should not attempt to inculcate that it is anything but deviant and voluntary, which serves the needs of the couplet's physical instant gratification.

So, it may be desirable to protect the interests of couplets and other associations; but, they should be distinguished semantically, legally, and socially.

Anonymous said...

Marx said :“Destroy the family and you destroy society."

If we had an education system
worthy of the name, this would be more widely known.

Because we do not, it is not known.


n.n said...


Was it a warning or a threat? The principles of his philosophy have done remarkable harm to the concept of individual dignity and, apparently, evolutionary fitness.

Anonymous said...

nn -

a "warning" against threats to
the family??

Marx wanted to burn it down and start over.


I wouldn't call it a "threat" either.

more like an intent.

Sam L. said...

Lefties are like lawyers, they'll argue issues from either side, depending on who's paying them.