Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Obama Futures Trending Down

Two weeks or so ago I reported that the Intrade futures contract on Obama’s re-election prospects had undergone a decisive shift.

Obama futures had turned decisively down, forming what the technicians call a death cross.

You may or may not believe in technical analysis, but even if you don’t it’s still worth noting that ever since the trend turned negative, Obama’s re-elect numbers have been rapidly descending. Link here.

Fox Nation reports the story, noting that:

While President Obama continues to strike out trying to hit home-runs,  Mitt Romney continues to get base hits each and everyday
As a rule Intrade tends to be more accurate than most political polls.

If you would like to put it to the test, note that while the polls show a tight race in Scott Walker’s recall election tonight Intrade gives Walker 95% chance of victory.

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