Sunday, July 22, 2012

In Aurora, Three Men Died Protecting Their Girlfriends

Reports this morning tell us that three men lost their lives in the Aurora massacre protecting their girlfriends.

The New York Daily News has the story:

Three survivors of the Colorado movie-theater massacre escaped with minor wounds, but were left with broken hearts because their heroic boyfriends died saving them.

In final acts of valor, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves used their bodies to shield their girlfriends as accused madman James Holmes turned the Aurora cineplex into a shooting gallery.

Blunk’s girlfriend, Jansen Young; McQuinn’s girlfriend, Samantha Yowler; and Teves’ gal pal Amanda Lindgren made it out of the bloodbath — but they would have been killed had it not been for the loves of their lives.

In a time where men are routinely denounced as abusive and where women insist that they do not need men to protect them, it is worth taking a moment to honor the memory of three men who knew what was right and did it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for calling attention to these heroes.
I hope that we will remember the names of these heroes, never mentioning the name of the coward that did this...