Monday, July 16, 2012

"Monica, Monica, Monica"

She probably thought of it as a victory lap. Riding high in the American polls, being showered with compliments for her skillful handling of foreign policy, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton jetted off to Cairo to bless the nascent Egyptian democracy.

In eighteen short months the Obama-Clinton foreign policy team had presided over the end of the Mubarak regime and the arrival of the democratically elected Islamist extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Replacing a staunch American ally with a group of anti-American fanatics…. Isn’t that what Jimmy Carter had done? What could be wrong with that?

Let’s grant Hillary Clinton the benefit of the doubt. She might have believed what she was saying. She might even have believed that the issue was whether or not America had rigged the elections.

If so, she missed the point.

She did not understand what Mubarak understood: free and democratic elections in Egypt would necessarily lead to a theocratic government led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Being the first foreign dignitary to visit with Mohamed Morsi, the new Egyptian president, Hillary Clinton might have thought that she was standing up for democracy and American values.

Everyone else understood that Hillary Clinton was offering the American government’s seal of approval to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor her cheerleaders in the media ever imagined that Egyptian protesters would throw shoes and tomatoes at her motorcade, shouting “Clinton, go home,” and, in the ultimate indignity, “Monica, Monica, Monica?” Link here.

It’s good to be respected in the world, don’t you think?

How did they not understand that Hillary Clinton had taken one for the liberal team, that she had swallowed her pride and helped her husband to manage his Monica crisis, and that she had so little self-respect as a woman that she was willing to overlook her husband’s multiple dalliances.

How could they not respect her?

Unfortunately for all the Hillary lovers out there, these protesters were not an anti-American rabble. Not at all.

Some of them had put their lives on the line to rebel against the Mubarak regime in Tahrir Square. Now thanks in part to the Obama-Clinton foreign policy team, they had to wrap their minds around the idea of living in an Islamist theocracy. Or, with any luck, in a military dictatorship.

Like other officials in the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton might have thought that the Brothers were just like the Democratic Party.

The educated Egyptians whose lives had just been sacrificed to Barack Obama’s foreign policy knew better.

So did the prominent Coptic Christians who refused to meet with Hillary Clinton. Some of them were out protesting with the democracy activists. Some were keeping a low profile. After all, they know what awaits them in the new democratic Egypt.

What do they know that we don’t know?

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