Thursday, September 27, 2012

Television: Stuart on HuffPost Top Stories

Last night I and Morris O'Kelly appeared on the HuffPost Top Stories television show. The discussion was lively, fun, entertaining, and, most of all, informative. 

I am happy to share it with you. 


Anonymous said...

Stuart, you captured it perfectly: Romney is an inept politician. Once again, Romney is trying to be "above it all" and maintain his squeaky nice-guy image. It isn't working. He's been demonized, with no response.

To that point, the Romney campaign is a disaster. They allowed their candidate to be defined as a plutocrat early on in this campaign, with no response. Sure, the MSM is on Obama's side. That doesn't mean you just roll over and pretend it's not real. Romney has been on the defensive all along.

On FoxNews last night, they showed a Romney campaign ad. It was supposedly the first ad where Romney looks straight into the camera. His first line was to say that BHO is not a bad guy. Then he made his argument. Can someone please tell me why Romney is acknowledging his opponent in a positive light, with a meaningless statement like that, in a 30-second ad where every moment is precious??? Does he think he's going to get points for being nice? When was the last time that worked in politics?

Do they not realize that they are up against a campaign managed by Axelrod, a guy who cut his teeth in Chicago? Think about it... Romney wouldn't survive as a Chicago politician past his campaign announcement, before he took questions from the press. He's playing against hardball people, and he's acting all goofy-nice like it's still time for ceremonial niceties around the coin toss.

Worst. Campaign. Ever.

It's said that Obama doesn't like Romney. That it's personal. I'm not saying that Romney has to make it personal if that's not his style, which I suspect it isn't. But he does need to appreciate the mindset of his opponent and stop trying to make things all "gosh-golly" and "swell." He's fumbling around like Clark Kent, and we need Superman. Is there a telephone booth in Denver near the debate location?


Stuart Schneiderman said...

Perhaps not as bad as the McCain campaign... but still.

BTW, Morris made an important point on the show: Romney ran an especially nasty primary campaign. For the most part it was about attacking his fellow Republicans more than offering an alternative platform to run on.

Morris suggested that perhaps the Repubs who are supporting Todd Akin, despite the wishes of Romney, are really getting a little payback.

I find the point cogent and plausible.

I also believe that one of the reasons why people do not find Romney likable, despite the perfect family and exemplary behavior, is that his tactics in the primaries were ugly and decidedly ungenerous.

For my part I smell the influence of John Sununu.

If the Obama campaign smears are sticking, they are not sticking to nothing.