Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Offensive President Morsi

Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi has just launched a new diplomatic offensive in an interview he granted the New York Times.

Emphasis on the “offensive.”

For a man whose nation is sorely dependent on the largesse of the American taxpayer Morsi shows very little gratitude or respect.

He does not reach out a hand of friendship. He does not thank the American people. He says he wants to redefine the relationship between Egypt and America.

Actually he wants to dictate new terms.

Morsi has the gall to suggest that the United States must “fundamentally change” its approach to the Arab world by showing more respect for its values. In that way American can tamp down the Muslim violence that has been sweeping the world.

One must point out that the more Obama and Clinton prostrate themselves before Muslim values the more Muslims commit acts of violence.

But then, which values might he be talking about? The anti-Semitism, the persecution of Christians and gays, the oppression of women, the promotion of female genital mutilation, the stonings of adulterers, the hatred of free expression …..

We have been led to believe that Barack Obama gave Morsi quite a tongue lashing after Morsi allowed a bunch of Islamist fanatics to breach the American Embassy in Cairo and burn the American flag.

Obviously it’s a lie. A leader who was subjected to tough talk does not talk down to the American president. If Morsi is now publicly dictating terms to Obama, that can only mean that our president's apologetic subservience has led Morsi to conclude that he can dictate terms to the United States. He also must have been led to believe that he pay no price for condescending to America.

Morsi has concluded that he has a friend, and perhaps more than one, in the Obama White House.


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