Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Woman's Guide to Courtship

In 1928 a 23 year-old Doris Langley Moore wrote a book called The Technique of the Love Affair.

It is, dare I say, directed to women who want to engage in affairs, but since yesterday’s affair is today’s courtship ritual, it feels like advice a young woman can use.

In a world that is positively overflowing with advice for young women—in itself that suggests that the dating world is anarchic—it is rare to find an author who cuts through the fog with so much brilliant advice.

Moore does just that, so if you are a young woman in the market for a man or if you are looking for a great holiday gift for a young woman of your acquaintance, send along Walsh’s post. Or better, buy the book.

If, perchance, you reject Walsh's or Moore's advice because you think it's outdated, that will tell you why you are having so much difficulty forming a durable relationship.

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