Thursday, December 27, 2012

Woman Fighting Islam

One does not get the impression that Sabatina James’ Pakistani parents have strong Islamist leanings. Her father holds to traditional Muslim values, but he is not a terrorist.

Her parents brought her up in Austria where Sabatina acquired some bad Western habits.

In a Daily Beast article she explains that when she refused an arranged marriage and kissed a boy, she was beaten, brutalized and terrorized. 

Apparently, her parents did not assimilate into Austrian culture.

It's a harrowing story, well worth your attention.

Eventually, she converted to Catholicism.

Today, Sabatina James has changed her name. She still lives in constant fear that representatives of the religion of terror will track her down and kill her.

Surely, many Muslims are appalled at such practices. Will we hear their voices rising in protest?


Sam L. said...

Holding my breath, I am not. The NOW folks, also silent. Feminists, Dems, lefties, progressives? Peep they not.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes... another wicked Catholic added to the rolls. No, she'd need to be a Catholic official harming some other minority to draw attention. This would require true, objective courage, which is not something for NOW.

As for the Muslim organizations, I expect the response to be familiarly deafening, which is why I find their reactionary cries....deafening.


Dennis said...

Sam L,

You beat me to it. Bravery, nor taking responsibility, is not one of NOW or feminists' strong suits. Its easy to demonstrate when one does not fear real retaliation or death, but not so where a religion's radical adherents will do you damage.
I so look forward to see Code Pink, feminists, et al in an Islamic country demonstrating dressed in a vagina suit.
When one has women in many countries trying to stand up and committing acts of true bravery we have the cowards of NOW whining for free stuff. And we are to take feminists serious? Its too bad we cannot exchange them for truly strong women. One wonders how many feminists would be feminists had they had to face conditions that this woman had to deal with?