Saturday, March 30, 2013

Faking Orgasms

What would we do without NewYork Magazine?

Faced with a question that apparently anguishes more than a few women, the magazine did a survey of advice columnists.

To be fair, the article does not say that it’s a burning question for all women. It limits its scope to “the contemporary casual sex-haver….”

This last phrase tells us that the writer should get a grip on her language before venturing into other, more sensitive realms.

The magazine did not exactly do a survey; it assigned a reporter to read the varied responses that advice columnists have given to the question: Should a woman fake an orgasm?

The responses are as varied as the questions:

Is the practice common or uncommon? Should a woman fake it until she makes it? Should she confess to faking it? Should she be open and honest about all things, including when and if and how she came? Which strategy will lead to more, better ecstasy? And the best: if she fakes it will she be making other women feel inadequate?

A columnist named Cindy addresses the last point:

You are condemning every woman he goes on to sleep with for the rest of his life to be a victim, in her turn, of “But my last girlfriend had six orgasms in a row when I did that!” syndrome. Don’t do that to us. Teach him what really works.

Cindy does not tell us how many women that might be but apparently the number is very high, indeed.

But why should a woman expend time and effort teaching a man how to produce more, better orgasms when he will then use those same skills to enrapture a bevy of beauteous hookups?

Why doesn’t Cindy imagine that this male apprentice might want to continue to use his skills with his teacher?


Dennis said...

For your edification:
Delayed ejaculation(DE) is NOT uncommon and men do it for much the same reason women do. Most of us would never try to embarrass women to the degree women seem to think they need to do.
Interesting is it not to have two people faking orgasms and really just fooling themselves?

ChickenFried said...

Why is it assumed to be the mans fault if a woman can't reach orgasm?

Dennis said...


A couple of comments for you.

!. Birth control pills are really very inexpensive, but many women want the taxpayer to provide them.

2. There are a number of birth control devices, et al that anyone concerned with possible mistakes in judgement can utilize.

3. There are way over a million abortions each year. The vast majority are for birth control purpose and not because of rape or incest. Unless of course one uses the feminist's definition of any sex with a male as rape.

4. Some people will couch murder of a child who survives a partial birth abortion.

5. For years we have heard the question, "What do women want?" Now we are finding that women just do not like or love what they have created.

Much of the above is because of the avoidance of responsibility for one's actions. Given the constant unhappiness exhibited by, what seems like, a large number of women, do you really think women actually understand their body, emotions, et al?

Some where in there is your answer. Learn to accept it and you will be much happier.

Sam L. said...

If it's "casual", I'm guessing it's "one time only". Why teach, or even consider it? Teaching make sense if she will stay with him for a while.

For him, well, all women are different. What works for one woman won't necessarily work for another. Worth a try, but that's about it.

Dennis said...

Sam L,

If one lives long enough they will learn that what works for one woman does not necessarily work for one woman. The enjoyment of sex for large numbers of women lie between their ears in their mind. Women really do control their enjoyment, and yours by extension, of sex. This does of course means that one is conversant with the term "foreplay."

Dennis said...

Not sure why the song "Cocktails For Two" is running through my mind, but???????????